D'Errico and Weibe team for <i>Sky Pirates of Neo Terra</i> webcomic

A couple of years ago, Image published Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, a fantasy-adventure miniseries based on the upcoming Nintendo DS game of the same name, and featuring gorgeous art by Camilla d'Errico (Nightmares & Fairy Tales, Burn). Now, with the impending debut of the game for Facebook and Apple devices, Day 21 Studios is launching a Sky Pirates of Neo Terra webcomic by d'Errico and Green Wake writer Kurtis J. Weibe.

The comic kicks off this weekend, with new installments appearing every other Friday telling side stories of characters in the Neo Terra world that weren't explored in the Image comic.

"It's in the stories that we don't read or see in the main plot that characters can often come alive," d'Errico said, "and in these snapshots we pull back the curtains to really get to know who they are."

Day 21 is also giving away original pages of d'Errico's art on the Sky Pirates Facebook page. You can see pages from the comic below:

Kiss: The End #3

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