Derek Kirk Kim on <i>The Last Airbender</i>'s cast

Comics creator Derek Kirk Kim comments on the casting choices for the The Last Airbender movie. While the setting of the cartoon the movie is based on is "wholly and inarguably built around Asian (and Inuit) culture," white actors have been cast in the roles of the four main characters:

Read Kim's entire statement at his site.

The four main characters from The Last Airbender will be played by Jackson Rathbone, Jesse McCartney, Nicola Peltz and Noah Ringer. Rathbone, who was in the recent Twilight movie, talks about needing a tan for his Airbender role on MTV.com.

Kim, whose book with Gene Yang, The Eternal Smile, is due later this year, also asks creators in the arts and entertainment industry to sign a petition to condemn the movie and boycott the film:

Since the outraged fans seem to be getting ignored by Paramount, I am starting a petition for professionals in the arts and entertainment industry who want to condemn this move and boycott this discriminatory film if it isn't recast. If you're involved in the Film/TV/Animation/Comics/Literary fields in any way and you find Paramount's racist actions even the least bit reprehensible, please leave your name and occupation in the comments.

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