Depp Joins Hanks On Bigelow's <i>Triple Frontier</i>

The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow is preparing for production on her latest directorial effort, titled Triple Frontier — or Sleeping Dogs, as it's been reported elsewhere — and already, she's got her eye on two leading men.

Deadline reports that Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks are expected to join forces on Triple Frontier, Bigelow's movie about "the organized crime haven that exists in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil." Hanks is already on board, and Depp is said to be interested in joining the Oscar-winning actor. There are five main roles in the film, though Hanks and Depp's characters are considered the two major leads.

The one rub for Depp is that he's set to begin filming director Tim Burton's Dark Shadows this coming February, posing a potential scheduling problem. Attempts are being made to arrange Depp's schedule so that he can shoot both films.

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