Deodato tackles Wolverine

[Wolverine]For weeks now Mike Deodato has been wowing fans on online Message Boards with his depictions of popular characters. He's delivered sketches of the X-Men, Batman, Storm, Rogue and now Mike Deodato has sent CBR News his latest sketch, this time capturing a moody and introspective Wolverine.

"There seems to be as many interpretations of Wolverine as there are artists drawing him," Deodato told CBR News on Friday. "But way, way too often, I see renditions that consist of Wolvie with claws extended, screaming or grimacing as if he's constipated, doing his 'berserker rage' thing. I tend to think the QUIET moments, after the anger, after the violence, can be just as powerful -- perhaps even more so. Here's my take on it."

You can catch more of Deodato's artwork this October in the pages of 'Witches' from Marvel Comics.

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