Deodato shows some Jungle Love with Tigra

[Tigra]After Mike Deodato's last sketch of Two-Face made its way around the Internet, following on the heels of sketches of Captain America, Wolverine and others, you might have figured Mike would focus on another character with main stream appeal. Maybe another Bat-villain? Or maybe a DC hero?

Well, never let it be said that Mike Deodato doesn't like to keep his fans guessing. This weekend Deodato sent CBR News the latest in a series of Internet only sketches he's been producing, this time focusing on Marvel Comics' ex-Avenger, Tigra.

The "Witches" artist didn't have a lot to say regarding this piece, but he did send along one short note.

"I was just crazy for drawing a jungle scene...," said Deodato.

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