Denzel Washington's 'The Equalizer' Targets a Sequel

During its presentation Wednesday evening at CinemaCon, Sony Pictures revealed plans for a sequel to its 2014 action thriller "The Equalizer."

No details were offered -- as SPINOFF reported, the title "The Equalizer 2" was simply flashed on the screen -- but the follow-up would seem a no-brainer, as the Antoine Fuqua-Denzel Washington film grossed more than $192 million worldwide.

Based on the 1980s television series of the same name, "The Equalizer" stars Washington as Robert McCall, a retired black ops agent who returns to his revenge-fueled ways after a young friend is brutally beaten by a pimp with ties to the Russian mafia.

Sony is also co-producing Fuqua's 2017 remake of "The Magnificent Seven," which features Washington in a lead role.

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