Denys Cowan's original art lost during shipping

Twenty-seven pieces of original art by Denys Cowan were lost in shipment earlier this month to "Milestones: African Americans in Comics Pop Culture & Beyond," an exhibit at the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore.

Milestone co-founder Michael Davis, curator of the show, writes that when they handed off the box for delivery by UPS, it contained 28 pieces of art; when it arrived in Baltimore, it contained just one.

"Included were irreplaceable work from original Milestone concept drawings to Batman #400 pages other works from both before and after those career highlights," Davis explains.  Now they're gone, he writes, "Perhaps, forever."

"The art was either stolen or ‘fell out,'" he concludes. "I’m sure it was stolen, someone opened the box, opened the plastic took the art except for one, resealed the box, badly and sent it along it’s merry way. I can’t say that for a fact because I was not there when it went missing. I also can’t say for fact slavery is bad as I’ve never been a slave but I’m pretty sure it is."

The "Milestones" exhibit continues through April.

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