Denys Cowan's missing original art has been returned

Denys Cowan has recovered all 27 pieces of original art lost early last month by UPS en route to the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore.

"I’m elated," the artist wrote Friday on his Facebook page, "but also dismayed because of the condition of some of the artwork."

The art had been headed to “Milestones: African Americans in Comics Pop Culture & Beyond,” an exhibit curated by Milestone co-founder Michael Davis, who revealed the loss, and his frustrations with UPS, last month. The box of Cowan’s original art, along with a separate package belonging to Davis, were sent for overnight delivery; however, Cowan’s shipment was delayed en route, with no explanation. When the package arrived, with new tape used to reseal it, just one of the 28 pieces of artwork remained — leading Davis and others to conclude that they weren't "lost," but rather stolen.

Among the missing art were interior pages from Hardware and Steel, concept pieces for Static, Rocket and Hardware, and pieces featuring Batman.

Davis was joined by museum owner Steve Geppi, who's also CEO of Diamond Comic Distributors, and museum president Melissa Geppi-Bowersox in pressuring UPS for an explanation, and in contacting art dealers and collectors to spread the news of the loss.

In an open letter posted Friday on his Facebook page, Cowan offered his thanks to everyone who offered support and provided help:

First off, I would like to thank the thousands of fans who reached out concerned about my missing artwork.

Due to the efforts of my friend, Michael Davis, as well as the entire Geppi family, most especially Missy Geppi, the President of the Geppi Entertainment Museum, UPS “found” and returned the artwork.

Every single page has been returned to me — all 28 pieces. I’m elated, but also dismayed because of the condition of some of the artwork.

However, I’m grateful for all the love and support. It continues to help me through a tough time.

A special thanks to Steve Geppi for his personal involvement in this difficult situation.

(via Michael Davis)

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