Denver Comic Con co-founder claims he was forced out

Despite impressive attendance figures for its 2013 event, and even more expected for this year's show, all is not well behind the scenes of the fledgling Denver Comic Con.

According to The Denver Post, co-founder Charlie La Greca claims he was unceremoniously removed from the board of directors of the nonprofit Comic Book Classroom, which organizes the event. The other founder, Frank Romero, has resigned.

"I set out my whole life to bring my passion and love of comics and geekdom to others," La Greca writes in an open letter posted on the newly launched website SaveDenverComicCon. "I did not and will not give up on this organization that I envisioned and co-founded and so believe in. Nor have I or will I leave it."

In the letter, La Greca spells out his issues with the organization, namely a lack of educational events conducted by Comic Book Classroom, the removal of his and Romero's names the CBC and convention websites, and what he contends is $300,000 in revenues from the 2013 event that "remain unaccounted for."

On the Denver Comic Con Facebook page, organizers wrote this afternoon, "We are aware that there are many questions out there. We are endeavoring at this time to answer them, but please give us some time to do so. We intend to put out a statement of facts today and ask that you reserve judgment until you have both sides."

SaveDenverComicCon features charts that "call for an investigation of this 'non-profit.'" A petition also demands that "the Board of Directors come back to the table and meet with the original two Co-Founders, Charlie La Greca and Frank Romero for proper recourse and reinstatement." La Greca and his supporters are planning a town hall meeting Sunday in Denver to discuss their problems with the convention's current leadership. Denver Comic-Con is scheduled for June 13-15 at the Colorado Convention Center.

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