Denver Comic Con and ousted co-founder agree to mediation

A town hall meeting planned for Sunday by Save Denver Comic Con was postponed after the convention's board of directors and its ousted co-founder agreed to re-enter mediation.

Their dispute became public last week when Charlie La Greca, one of the founders of the nonprofit Comic Book Classroom and its program Denver Comic Con, launched SaveDenverComicCon.com to air his grievances against the board and rally support. In an open letter, he accused the board of removing him without explanation, mishandling $300,000 in revenues, and failing to live up to the organization's educational mandate.

On Thursday convention organizers responded, spelling out their educational programs, denying any misuse of funds (and later providing a preliminary financial overview), and asserting that La Greca was aware he was precluded from serving on the board by his acceptance of a $10,000 contract position; that contract wasn't renewed following Denver Comic Con 2013.

In reply, La Greca issued a statement thanking the board, writing, "Our goal and my open letter was never to create an online ‘civil war’ but bring things to light and a true focus back onto the kids, the mission and values of the Comic Book Classroom Charter. This is exactly why we called it 'Save' Denver Comic Con. I love this community and what we created more than anything — and I am delighted by the energy and response we received to assist Save Denver Comic Con in continuing teaching kids and the call to action to re-energize the Board to communicate and to get more classes scheduled and announced. We’ve seen the comments and posts and we are committed to not letting this become a 'he said/she said' internet battle."

That was followed on Sunday my announcements from each side announcing the return to mediation.

"Comic Book Classroom and Charlie LaGreca have both agreed to re-enter into a mediation process to address the current situation," reads a post on the Denver Comic Con Facebook page. "Each party fully expects to communicate truthfully with the intention of supporting CBC’s mission and community."

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