Denise V. Wohl & Jim Shooter Launch "Seven," the Greatest Team of Superheroes of All Time

Official Press Release

New York – What is the result when two Bronze Age Marvelites join forces after 25 years? They create SEVEN, the next level of super heroes which premiered at the second annual New York Comic Con February 2007. The brainchild of Denise V. Wohl, SEVEN is the ultimate tale of the age-old battle within each individual between light and dark, good and evil. Wohl commissioned JIM SHOOTER, one of the true masterminds of comic history, to develop and write the adventures of SEVEN. Working together they crafted a new generation of super heroes who are intrinsically interconnected through a higher conscious level and work together to empower individuals to recognize their own inner strength to defeat any battle that may arise. Every series contains profound knowledge filled with hidden guidance.

SEVEN is written to reach the 7-17 year old demographic, but can be enjoyed by all age groups as the message is universal. The audience is presented with seven captivating characters that defeat the darkness and negativity descending upon the universe. The SEVEN characters are interconnected through their higher consciousness far beyond the physical reality and five senses that dominate our material world. Together, they epitomize the powers within each of us.

The profound difference that makes these magnificent tales and characters unique from all other adventure series is the concept that we all possess the potential to become our own super hero, the awareness that the SEVEN lies within every individual. We have the ability to control our lives and create our own destinies. In accomplishing each mission the SEVEN are not visible super heroes to the world, rather they are seen as fellow humans but with a sense they are special, from a higher spiritual realm. The guided ones never fully realize that the SEVEN assisted in their positive outcomes, thus maintaining their virtuous nature.

SEVEN will evolve into television and film projects, video games, blogs, interactive Q&A, animation, trading cards, apparel, accessories, school supplies, and the licensing and merchandising endeavors are limitless. Wohl will donate a portion of her proceeds to the "Spirituality for Kids Foundation." This organization's foresight was the impetus for the conception of SEVEN. In today's world, it is imperative that all future generations take positive control over their own lives, accept the principle that we are all connected and that our actions as a whole can resonate towards creating universal harmony. This project promises to bring forth this knowledge, a gift to all mankind since the beginning of time! The "Secret" is out and the SEVEN are here.

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