Demon Slayer: 5 Characters Tanjiro Can Beat (& 5 He Can't)

As the protagonist of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado has faced his fair share of tough foes on his quest to turn his demon sister back into a human. After training endlessly for two years, he went out and became a full-fledged Demon Slayer.

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Now, he and Nezuko travel across Japan in search of the demon that killed their family and turned Nezuko into a demon. Tanjiro is certainly strong in his own right, and he's strong enough to defeat many of the characters in the series, whether they be demon or Demon Slayer. But he's also basically a newbie within the Demon Slayer Corps, so there are still plenty of characters still able to defeat him. Here's 5 characters Tanjiro can beat, and 5 he can't.

10 Can't Defeat: Sakonji Urokodaki

First up on the list of characters Tanjiro is unable to defeat is the man who trained Tanjiro to become a Demon Slayer in the first place, Urokodaki. Not only is Urokodaki a former Demon Slayer, but he was also the Demon Slayer Corps's Water Pillar before the proverbial torch was passed to Giyu Tomioka.

Urokodaki may now be mostly retired, but that doesn't mean he's let himself go. He's a master of the Breath of Water technique and his word is still widely respected within the Demon Slayer Corps.

9 Can Defeat: Yushiro

Yushiro is a rare example of a demon who doesn't eat humans and works to help humanity from the scourge of demons. He's the faithful and overprotective assistant of Tamayo, working with her to study ways to develop demonic cures.

Unfortunately, Yushiro's Blood Demon Art isn't all that strong, being able to hide or reveal something's presence by using paper talismans. While he fought alongside Tanjiro against the Arrow and Temari Demons and held his own, if Yushiro were to go against Tanjiro in a fight, Tanjiro is certain to come out on top.

8 Can't Defeat: Shinobu Kocho

Looks can be deceiving, and nowhere is that truer than when dealing with Shinobu. She may appear to be a kind and soft-spoken young woman, but underneath it all lies a deep-seated hatred toward demons. As the Insect Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu utilizes graceful movements and a poison blade to kill demons.

Shinobu is the creator of the Breath of the Insect technique, a breathing technique that helps compensate for her lack of physical strength. It's very unlikely that Tanjiro would come out on top in a battle against her.

7 Can Defeat: Zenitsu Agatsuma

Next up on characters Tanjiro can defeat is one of his traveling companions, Zenitsu Agatsuma. To be fair to Zenitsu, he is stronger than he looks. Zenitsu often seems cowardly, terrified of almost everything and constantly worrying that something's going to kill him at any moment, but when he falls unconscious, his true powers are awakened.

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Zenitsu was taught the Breath of Thunder by the former Roaring Pillar (aka Thunder Pillar), but since he's only learned the first form of the breathing technique, it's clear that Tanjiro would be able to beat him.

6 Can't Defeat: Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is the first Demon Slayer that Tanjiro, and we as the audience, comes across. Giyu hasn't appeared much in the anime so far, but from what we've briefly seen of his abilities, Giyu is an insanely strong Demon Slayer, which is no surprise considering that he is the current Water Pillar.

The few times he has been shown facing a demon, Giyu is able to kill them in just one swipe of his sword, all with a calm demeanor. If Tanjiro is unfortunate enough to find himself on the wrong side of Giyu's sword, there's no way Tanjiro is winning that fight.

5 Can Defeat: Inosuke Hashibira

To call Inosuke a wild card would be an understatement. Inosuke is really short-tempered and always thinks he's the strongest fighter in the room, causing him to constantly challenge most people he comes across to a test of strength to prove it.

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The boar mask-wearing Demon Slayer is armed with two Nichirin Blades that he modified to make saw-tooth-like as to tear flesh instead of slicing it, and he utilizes the Breath of the Beast technique, which he created and only he uses. Inosuke is tough, no doubt about it, be he's not quite at Tanjiro's level yet.

4 Can't Defeat: Rui

Rui was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, a group of incredibly powerful demons under the direct command of the series big bad, Muzan Kibutsuji. Rui was the first of the Demon Moons that Tanjiro faced, and it was quickly proved that Tanjiro stood no chance against this Demon.

Tanjiro fought hard alongside Nezuko to defeat Rui, even being able to unlock the Dance of the Fire God and seemingly decapitating Rui. The decapitation was a trick Rui played on him, and Tanjiro would have almost certainly be killed if Giyu didn't step in and kill Rui is a single swing.

3 Can Defeat: Genya Shinazugawa

This lovely ball of sunshine and rainbows is a Demon Slayer who passed the Final Selection alongside Tanjiro. Genya also happens to be the estranged younger brother of Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

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Unlike the other Demon Slayers, Genya is completely unable to use any of the Breaths, but he compensates for that with his ability to gain demonic abilities by eating Demons, giving him increased strength, speed, and regeneration. Even so, because Tanjiro can technically use two breathing styles and Genya can use none, we've got our money on Tanjiro winning.

2 Can't Defeat: Muzan Kibutsuji

Coming out on top for the list of characters Tanjiro cannot defeat is the big bad himself, Muzan Kibutsuji. Not only is Muzan the first Demon of his kind, but he's also the one responsible for slaughtering Tanjiro's family and turning Nezuko into a Demon.

Muzan is immensely powerful, wiping out the entirety of the Lower Moon Demons with no effort at all simply because he became disappointed at their failures. To put things into further perspective, the Upper Moon Demons are exceptionally powerful and have killed many Pillars over the years, yet Muzan far outranks them. Tanjiro simply isn't ready to face him.

1 Can Defeat: Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is the adoptive sister of Shinobu Kocho, whom she has been training under since she was a young child. Having trained under one of the Pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kanao was the strongest of the group that survived the Final Selection, a group that included Tanjiro.

During the Functional Recovery Training Arc, Kanao helps Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke with their recovery training, using simple games to test their speed and stamina. She beats them every time and at every game. Her winning streak continues until Tanjiro learns total concentration breathing and is then able to defeat her. Tanjiro is also one of the very few people to break through her shell with a desire for her to open her heart.

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