Demon Slayer: 10 Smol Nezuko Memes That Will Have You Crying Of Laughter

Demon Slayer has taken the anime world by storm as of late, with the end of its first season packing a punch that has fans dying for more of the story. And part of the anime's strength is in its characters. At its helm are Tanjiro and Nezuko, two siblings who are hunting down demons. Tanjiro became a member of the Demon Slayer Corps after his family is slaughtered by a demon — everyone except Nezuko, who actually gets turned into one.

But Nezuko isn't your typical demon. For one, she doesn't actually eat humans, maintaining her own human emotions and everything that comes with them. She also can turn small and adorable in a heartbeat, making it impossible not to love her (and laugh at her).

Here are 10 Smol Nezuko memes that will have you crying of laughter.

10 Running From My Problems

The only thing funnier and more adorable than Smol Nezuko is Smol Nezuko running, and she does quite a bit of that when she and Tanjiro are forced to flee from the Hashiras after their fight with Rui. She looks silly and cute as she flees from her assailants, and this meme compares it to running away from an endless number of problems.

Honestly, it's hard not to relate to this meme (though it'd be nice if we could all look like Smol Nezuko while dealing with our day-to-day issues).

9 Before And After Food

Listen, there's no doubt that being hangry is one of the worst feelings in the world. And this meme captures the shift a person's mood undergoes when they go from wanting food to finally getting it. It's one that almost anyone can relate to. (Yes, I am definitely that girlfriend.)

Angry, drooling Nezuko is obviously meant to be the hungry person — or basically any girl before food (can relate, honestly). Sweet, Smol Nezuko is what we look like after getting the food. And really, isn't that an incentive to just give us all the food without questioning it?

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8 Do Not Insult Tanjiro

Nezuko seems unperturbed when the Hashiras — or anyone, really — insult and attack her. But she doesn't take as kindly to people bothering Tanjiro. The pair of siblings is incredibly protective of one another, and Nezuko has jumped in to defend her brother on more than one occasion.

And if you're the person attacking him, you should definitely not expect to see cute, Smol Nezuko.

7 She Sits, She Fits, She Doesn't Get Hit

The phrase "If it fits, I sits" is one that's mostly used in cat memes, but Smol Nezuko is basically as cute and ridiculous as a cat, isn't she? Tanjiro carries her in a box during the day in order to keep her away from sunlight, which is fatal to demons. And she can often be found slinking out of it, adding even more comedy to the situation.

But hey, if it fits, it makes sense that Nezuko sits. And being in that box on Tanjiro's back certainly has prevented her from getting hit. That counts for something!

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6 Conversations IRL vs. Conversations In My Head

We've all been there. There's no feeling worse than planning out an entire conversation in your head, having the whole thing go eloquently and exactly the way you want it — only to have that same conversation happen in real life and result in the exact opposite outcome planned for.

Don’t we wish all conversations could look as stunning and serious as Nezuko normally does? But those awkward ones definitely feel more like Smol Nezuko...

5 It's Dangerous To Go Alone!



Memes are always better when they involve The Legend of Zelda, and this one perfectly combines Demon Slayer with the world of Hyrule by inserting Nezuko into the game. Anyone who has ever played a Zelda game will recognize the phrase "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!"

Well, why not apply that to Smol Nezuko? She's easy to carry, and she can definitely protect someone when necessary. If it's dangerous to go alone, you might as well take a small demon with you.

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4 Nezuko Meets Midoriya

While on the topic of meme mashups, this meme imagines what might happen if Nezuko were to meet Midoriya — inserting her into Kota’s role. Kota is a little boy Midoriya saves during season three of My Hero Academia — but not before the kid kicks him where it really hurts.

And hey, Nezuko is little and likes to kick her enemies, so she has a few things in common with Kota. (Though she and her brother would likely get along with Midoriya if they ever met him.)

3 Nezuko Meets Antman

What if Smol Nezuko were to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a minute? This meme takes the time to imagine the outcome of that, pointing out that she does have something in common with one of our favorite Marvel heroes: Antman.

And knowing Antman, he’d be a bit jealous of Nezuko’s similar ability to become small (especially since she looks so much cuter doing it).

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2 What Do You Mean She Isn't Cute?

Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who don’t find Smol Nezuko adorable. And while we can respect the opinion that Nezuko is indeed the “eyesore” Yushiro claims she is, we can also lovingly poke fun at them for being wrong.

And come on, this clown looks pretty silly denying Smol Nezuko’s charm.

1 We Won't Stop!

Whether fans think she’s cute or not, it’s also hard to believe there are people out there who are sick of Smol Nezuko memes. Look how funny they are! Sorry, we won't be stopping with the Nezuko memes any time soon. And we even have another meme to prove it.

Who needs Simba to continue the circle of life — or the circle of memes — when Smol Nezuko can do it? Rally the wildlife because we’re ready for more memes!

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