Demon Slayer: 10 Muzan Kibutsuji Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

There's no need to skirt around the obvious here. If you think you know how most of this list is going to look, "You Are Not Alone." Muzan Kibutsuji is Demon Slayer's "Smooth Criminal" and the comparisons regarding his appearance are completely justifiable. Sure, some of the Michael Jackson jokes are played out, but they're not all so "Bad."

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The elephant in the room has been addressed and yes, there's a lot of MJ on this list. However, Kibutsuji is such a daunting villain that sometimes a good laugh is warranted to forget about what a terrible being he is. Let's take a look at some of the most hilarious memes thus far.

10 Drake-Approved Muzan

This Drake meme has been floating around the Internet for quite a while now. Every time you forget about it, someone reincarnates it with a different set of pictures on the two right panels. The left panels are occasionally altered as well, depending on the subject. It's a meme that simply refuses to die.

This particular edit displays a displeased Drake rejecting a normal Michael Jackson, but being content with the version that matters: His Muzan Kibutsuji form. A pair of red eyes and a slight outfit change can go a long way.

9 "Can I Help You?"

Demon Slayer fans will always "Remember The Time" this encounter happened. Protagonist Tanjiro Kamado sniffs out the series' ultimate villain, maneuvers through the throng of civilians to reach him, lays a hand on his shoulder, the bad guy turns around and... he's holding a child. The hero then receives a passive "can I help you?" glare before things go down the drain.

What Tanjiro doesn't realize is that he interrupted the King of Pop in the midst of a nighttime stroll with his family. Celebrities are human too and they deserve privacy and respect.

8 Doubt

The Demon Slaying Corps does exactly what their name implies: Kill Demons. They aim to save humanity from these menacing creatures and they employ the most notable fighters to do so. The organization's members are highly aware of how serious of a threat Muzan Kibutsuji poses. Therefore, this meme is hilarious, but also accurate.

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Every Demon slayer in that picture definitely doubts Tanjiro's bold claim. Well...with the exception of the air-headed Muichiro Tokito. He's the most relatable of them all. Press Y if you have no idea where you're at or what you're doing.

7 Hee-Hee

You knew the Michael references wouldn't be complete without a "hee-hee" or two. In this case, we're introduced to a new concept called the "shee-shee." It's pronounced with the same gusto, of course, but it's tailored to fit the likes of the shape-shifting enemy.

Kibutsuji pulls a Mystique in episode 26 of the series and greets the Lower Moons of the Twelve Kizuku in female form. It was a plot twist for the ages — the Demons themselves were utterly confused — but it also generated a new category of memes for the character.

6 Multi-Talented

No one likes a one-note opponent that follows the same old tips and tricks of every other Demon. Versatility is key for anime villains and Muzan had several points to prove. For starters, he's not confined to his standard, attractive male appearance. He can very much alter himself as he sees fit. Secondly, he makes a decent-looking female.

Just remember that Kibutsuji is multi-talented and can be both the man and woman of your nightmares.

5 Extra Baggage

Tanjiro Kamado's sister, Nezuko, was turned into a Demon, but she's not all bad. As a matter of fact, she won't consume human blood and lets herself be lugged around by her brother. Nonetheless, Tanjiro's method of transporting his sister is a little unorthodox.

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Carrying your sibling around in a wooden box is strange, but Tanjiro is simply protecting the only close relative that Muzan Kibutsuji didn't kill. But what if the villain had turned the rest of the family into Demons? Would Tanjiro have thrown in the towel and walked out of the room or would he have stuffed them all into suitcases and hoped for the best?

4 The Moonwalk

Like the ever so famous "hee-hee," Michael Jackson is rarely mentioned without at least one reference to the Moonwalk. It was one of his signature dance moves and would presumably have been the name of his special ability in an anime.

In light of this, it's fair to say that the Muzan Jackson (Michael Kibutsuji?) hybrid we love to make fun of would specialize in a similar technique. While this is simply an Internet meme, "Breath of Dancing: First Form, Moon Walk" actually sounds really cool. It's only a matter of time until a talented fan actually animates it.

3 Summoning Muzan

For the record, anime OPs (opening songs) are usually incredible and catchy enough to be played outside of regular viewing. Demon Slayer itself has a solid opening theme. That said, singing one would probably be the most enjoyable way to summon a demon.

This meme is a roller coaster ride of reactions from top to bottom. Summoning a demon would be awful in general, but imagine drawing out a monster like Kibutsuji. Wait...he's in female form? Now we're talking! Perhaps it's best to leave it at that and not poke into the deeper implications of this meme.

2 The Jackson 4

Here's a new development in the case of the Muzan Jackson fiasco: His female form is actually his sister, Janet Jackson. Okay, this news hasn't actually been confirmed yet, but the proof is in the meme. For some reason, this Internet joke actually makes a lot of sense.

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Michael Jackson has many siblings, but Janet would be the most feasible choice to make an appearance on her brother's acclaimed anime. She's arguably the second most popular Jackson and bears a strong enough facial resemblance to MJ to be female the Kibutsuji.

1 Gender Swap

Look, we were all utterly exhausted by the Muzan/Michael jokes almost immediately after his character was introduced. The Internet spewed them by the bunch and you don't need to watch Demon Slayer to know that the main villain could recreate "Thriller" if he wanted to.

Kibutsuji himself was presumably over it, hence his episode 26 shape-shift. It was an ingenious solution to a frustrating issue, but it has one major flaw: It can be countered by the previous meme. You can transform out of the Michael Jackson part, but only if you're prepared to assume the role of Janet.

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