Demon Slayer: 10 Inosuke Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

The boar-headed hero from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is so memeable it isn't even funny. It is freakin' hysterical though! Ever since his introduction in episode 11 of the show, he has been a subject of the internet's love for all things Demon Slayer.

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Not that he does not do a good job of being memeable all by himself. Inosuke has a collection of personality traits and funny quirks that make him a star when it comes to funny pictures about him. Then there is the fact that he goes around wearing a boar's head for most of the show. He is just about perfect for meme bait.

10 Super Effective

Here's an early example of Tanjiro and Inosuke in the form of a Pokemon battle. Much like the game and the cartoon, Inosuke seems to have a weakness to whatever type Tanjiro seems to be. Which we believe is the strong forehead type.

It was a complete knock out when Inosuke met with Tanjiro's forehead. It took a while for it to take effect, but like every time before it, Tanjiro proved that his forehead is rock solid. Oh! There we go, Tanjiro is a Rock Type Pokemon.

9 Kick His Own Ass

It only takes a few moments to realize that Inosuke is a battle fanatic. His favorite form of conversation seems to be with his fists and his favorite past time is seeing how much damage he can take. So it is no wonder the fans took notice in this popular meme.

It does make one wonder exactly how Inosuke would feel if there were two of him. Would he be excited to have someone as happy to fight as he is or would it be too much of the same and he would learn to despise his doppelganger? The world may never know...

8 Battle Tendency

As described, Inosuke is a battle fanatic. He would do a lot to challenge bigger and better opponents but one of his favorites is Tanjiro. It starts off very antagonistic at first. If Tanjiro so much as breathed in his direction he wanted to start a fight. It even got to the point where he would try and antagonize Tanjiro to get a fight out of him.

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There was a point where Inosuke did everything possible to get a fight out of Tanjiro but it did wear off near the end of the series. Still, it is hard to dismiss the fact that Inosuke has a particular battle tendency towards Tanjiro.

7 Bad With Names

If there is one particular habit that Inosuke has going for him beyond his battle lust is his tendency to forget names. Though, once again, his favorite target seems to be Tanjiro.

It is a relatively simple name, Tanjiro Kamado, but Inosuke can only seem to remember it once out of every seven times. Sometimes going as far as giving him completely different names that are nowhere near his name. Examples include Kamaboko Gonpachiro, Itadaki Tontaro, and Shakakiri Gengoro. All of which only seem to get the -ro right with Tanjiro's real name.

6 Snapchat Filter

Continuing on with the trend of Inosuke's defining traits, Inosuke is oddly enough quite the pretty boy despite how the rest of him looks. When first introduced he seems like a wild man that lived a reclusive life and that is completely on the mark. So it is quite the surprise that such a fair-skinned face was hidden behind his boar mask.

Tanjiro even goes as far as to call his face petite, fair-skinned, and attractive. Meanwhile, Zenitsu can't help but mention the contrast between his face and the rest of him.

5 Murder Is Okay

There has been a recent meme going around the internet where people are put into a square to say things. Three of them always give heartwarming and inspirational messages while the one at the bottom left corner sneaks in a "murder is okay." As if it'll blend it with all of the other cheery quotes around them.

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There is no doubt that this version of the meme is exactly right. Out of all of the characters in the picture, Inosuke would be the first to resort to murder. Violence just being the language he speaks, he would be the first to use it to solve his problems.

4 Amazon Inosuke

Fans would buy this, but only if it intentionally gets their name wrong six out of seven times and is constantly trying to goad them into a fight. Of course, a pretty boy has to be hidden under the boar's mask to fully complete the package.

It may not be an actual Amazon product but it is fun to think about how Alexa would be is they were allowed to stick anime voice into them. What other fun characters would be hysterical choices for Alexa's voice?

3 Hypocrisy

Tanjiro is mostly a good boy in the series, but that doesn't mean he cannot be a bit hypocritical at times. Like the time he told Inosuke that Demon Hunters should not fight one another and then went and punched him so hard a few ribs broke.

Inosuke may have had it coming to him when he put the precious life of Nezuko in danger, but Tanjiro can't really stand on the high ground in this case either. Especially when he says that Demon Hunters should not fight one another right after punching him.

2 Who Is Nezuko?

Speaking of Nezuko, it would be no surprise if Inosuke completely forgot she existed. He already has trouble keeping up with the people that he sees all the time, so it would be no surprise that Nezuko might get forgotten because she rarely comes out of her box.

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Of course, then the next question out of his mind would be if he could fight her or not. Doubly so because Nezuko is a demon and Inosuke is more than willing to test himself against them. Hopefully, Tanjiro will be there to smooth things over if that ever happens.

1 Netflix

It isn't easy to do but Netflix still gets no sympathy from anime fans when it tries and fails to adequately adapt their favorite franchises. They have already been spurned by Netflix's live-action adaptation of Death Note and the big changes they made to the English dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

They will no longer be fooled and they won't let Netflix forget their failure. So here is one in a long line of Netflix Adaptation memes featuring Inosuke. As expected, the fans don't think they'll be able to do him justice.

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