Demon Slayer: 10 Amazing Works Of Fan Art That We Love

While Demon Slayer was originally published back in 2016, the supernatural series about an orphaned boy trying to turn his demonic sister back into a human being has recently exploded in popularity due to the 2019 anime series. Thanks to the phenomenal animation by ufotable and the engaging storytelling of series creator Koyoharu Gotouge, Demon Slayer has hit the mainstream. With an animated theatrical movie set for 2020 in Japan, Demon Slayer may be the next My Hero Academia.

Following mainstream success comes a dedicated base of Demon Slayer fans who are ready to show off their devotion to the series in any way they can. Among the many brilliant creations that Demon Slayer fans have created and shared online, it's the amazing array of fan art from artists worldwide that will be celebrated today. Here are 10 amazing Demon Slayer fan art that you are guaranteed to love. Give these great artists your love and support.

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10 Nezuko With A Ponytail

Similar to shows like Hunter x Hunter and, to an extent, Naruto, Demon Slayer is a periodic anime series that's set in a fictionalized depiction of ancient Japan. Because of its feudal time frame, one can't help but wonder how these characters from the past would look like if they lived in modern times. Twitter artist helloclonion (@helloclonion) reimagined Nezuko Kamado as a stylized Millenial with a playful ponytail and a Big Gulp.

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9 Butterfly

Nerea Sanroma (@little_enne), an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain, drew demon hunter Shinobu Kochou in all her Insecta glory. As part of the Insect Pillar of the Demon Killing Corps, Shinobu's appearance and abilities derive from the family tree of insects. Nerea's charming illustration of Shinobu has her using her signature Dance of the Butterflies move, which stings the victim multiple times with a poisoned-tipped blade. It's a beautiful drawing of a cruel and deadly attack.

8 Halloween

Halloween may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the boys from Demon Slayer can't have a night of trick or treating of their own. Emma (@Snartles) whipped up this festive picture of Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira celebrating All Hallows' Eve in their scary Halloween costumes. As fun as it is to see Tanjiro as a werewolf and Zenitsu as a mummy, seeing Inosuke wearing his iconic boar's head while dressed up as a zombie is simply hilarious.

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7 The Wind Pillar Has Arrived

At first glance, it's easy to mistake MR.DULLPEN's (@MrDullpen) fan art of Sanemi Shinazugawa as the real deal. The bold black and white colors and dramatic composition make this unbelievable artwork look like a panel from the Demon Slayer manga. MR. DULLPEN did a terrific job of illustrating the intimidating power of the Wind Pillar from the Demon Slaying Corps.

6 Patrolling the Forests

Giyu Tomioka may appear cold and intimidating, but deep inside is a caring and sensitive young man. Nonetheless, Giyu does take his role as demon slayer seriously, as illustrated by this wonderful fan art by Canadian artist Chelsea Li (@cheseely). Li's artwork depicts Giyu in a masculine light as he patrols a wintery forest at lightning speed.

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5 Buying Swords After School

It's easy to forget amongst all the bloodshed and drama that the main cast of Demon Slayers are just a couple of kids learning how to master their skills ala My Hero Academia. That's what great about Dan Arceno (@khukhoy) modern-day interpretation of all the kids in Demon Slayer.

Seeing all the kids picking out new swords after school is a fun reminder of their youth and innocence. Additionally, Dan's artwork does a nice job of alluding to the kids' duties as demon slayers.

4 Feral Little Boy

Among the many fantastic characters of Demon Slayer, the art community has taken a great shine to Inosuke and his tribal boar outfit. Inosuke's cooky-looking boar's head has kinda become a mascot for the series, and it's plastered all over the internet via fan art and memes.

Mizby (@mizbino) did a terrific visual exploration of Inosuke. Mizby illustration features lots of expressive facial expressions and poses of Inosuke with and without his mask. There's even a cute little chibi Inosuke to round things out. Awww.

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3 Demon Slayers

Demon Slayers Assembled! The gang is all here in Juwei's (@juwei_) stunning ensemble illustration of the demon slayers. Not only do all the characters look good here, but you get a cool, subtle hint at all their skills, such as Tanjiro's Water Surface Slice and Zenitsu's Thunderclap Flash. This fan art would work beautifully as an official Blu-ray cover art or a theatrical poster for the series.

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2 Angry Demon Noises

To anyone outside of the Demon Salyer fandom, all the fan art of the demon-possessed Nezuko that are appearing online only comes off as adorable drawings of a cute Japanese girl with a piece of bamboo in her mouth.

Fortunately, Kurisustinah (@Kurisustinah) puts the devil back in Nezuko with an incredible illustration of her in demon mode. The fiery background along with Nezuko's sinister nails and demonic marks give a glimpse of her dark self. It's an intense yet mesmerizing reminder that inside this cute little girl lies a chaotic monster.

1 Nezuko ONI-sama

As entertaining as Demon Slayer is in its current form, one can't help but wonder what the series would look like if the genders of the main cast were reversed. Vietnamese artist Bach Do (@Dishwasher1910), who works as a concept artist for gen:LOCK, created unbelievable rule 63 designs of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

Amusingly, male Nezuko has become the older demon-possessed brother of the lovely sister version of Tanjiro. A splendid take of a more female-driven cast, any Demon Slayer fan artist should try their own hand at making rule 63 designs of the cast.

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