DeMatteis & Ploog bring "Stardust Kid" To Desperado in May

Official Press Release

January 6, 2005, Atlanta, GA – With the announcement that Disney would relaunch Abadazad as a series of children's novels, Desperado Publishing is set to bring another all-ages comic book title by creators J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog into the direct market to help fill the niche. Set for release in May, Stardust Kid will feature the same creative team of J.M. DeMatteis, Mike Ploog, Nick Bell and Dave Lanphear from Abadazad and will be suitable for kids as well as adults.

Stardust Kid is planned to be a five-issue mini-series with each issue containing at least 22 pages of story and art and covers by Mike Ploog. Here is how J.M. DeMatteis describes his new fairy tale:

"Twelve year old Cody DiMarco's best friend is Paul Brightfield: The bond between the two boys is deeper than anyone could ever suspect. You see, Paul Brightfield isn't human: he's the last of The Old Ones, ancient elemental beings from The Time Before - when no man walked the Earth and magic was a given - and Cody is the only one in all the world who knows Paul's secret.

"One October night, Paul Brightfield vanishes...at the same moment that, in nearby Wilde Park, a massive cocoon burrows up out of the earth: Within the cocoon lies a hate-filled creature that will soon destroy Cody's life - and the lives of everyone he loves..."

"Everyone at Desperado is thrilled to have Stardust Kid join our exciting line-up for 2005," said Desperado publisher Joe Pruett. "J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog are two creators whose work I have been a fan of for years. It will be a treat to get a chance to work with them and it will be a joy to put out a series that will appeal to so many people. Abadazad was a great comic, and in its wake, Stardust Kid will be an even better one."

"Mike Ploog and I wanted to follow up Abadazad with another all-ages fantasy, a series that would be just as magical - and kid-friendly - but strike out into somewhat darker territory," DeMatteis said. "I turned to the Stardust Kid: a project I've nurtured for nearly two decades. Despite the long development, it wasn't until Mike and I started working on it together that the story really came together. We're both delighted to be reunited with our Abadazad collaborators, Nick Bell and Dave Lanphear, for what we think will be a wonderful series."

Stardust Kid will appear with Desperado Publishing's other releases in the March 2005 issue of Diamond Previews found in the Image Comics section. The March issue of Previews will be in stores February 23. For more information on Stardust Kid and other Desperado Publishing titles, please log onto their web site at www.desperadopublishing.com.

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