DeMatteis, Guichet Launch "Trinity of Sin" in October

Newsarama reports that DC Comics plans to launch a new "Trinity of Sin" series by J.M. DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet in October. The series, which centers around the titular Trinity of Pandora, the Phantom Stranger and The Question, will reunite the three characters to battle a cosmic foe that threatens to bring about a new "Dark Age."

"The first arc is six issues," DeMatteis told Newsarama. "Without getting into too much detail, the story has to do with the lone survivor of an antediluvian Dark Age who intends to literally bleed the sin out of the Trinity and use it to unleash a spell that will transform the world. The Trinity, of course, set out to stop him. But these three aren't a team: Their vast differences, their mutual antagonisms, get in the way -- and they fail. Miserably. The world we know is wiped out of existence. The Dark Age rises again. And things only get worse from there."

DeMatteis has quite a bit of experience with the Trinity, having written "Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger," which will end in August along with Ray Fawkes' "Trinity of Sin: Pandora." The only member of the Trinity not to have an ongoing series is The Question, and the new "Trinity of Sin" series marks the character's New 52 ongoing debut. DeMatteis also co-wrote "The Phantom Stranger: Futures End" one-shot with Dan DiDio, set to debut as a part of DC's month-long "Futures End" tie-in issues in September.

"Trinity of Sin" #1 hits in October.

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