Deleted "Walking Dead" Scene Highlights Pre-Dumpster Tension Between Glenn & Nicholas

Remember that moment in AMC's "The Walking Dead," when Nicholas and Glenn were trapped atop the dumpster, surrounded by zombies, with nowhere to go? Nicholas, after previously being forgiven by Glenn not once, but twice, for attempting to take his life, would leave Glenn high and dry one last time. In a final fit of cowardice, Nicholas not only killed himself, but nearly took Glenn down with him into the waiting horde of zombies.

A deleted scene from Season 6 (via Entertainment Weekly) further complicates the "relationship" between Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), before that fateful moment on the dumpster. The clip, soon to be available on "The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season" Blu-ray + Digital HD and DVD sets, only further showcases the tension between the two characters.

Set before the great zombie migration, the scene finds Nicholas approaching Glenn, with a some-what repentant heart. The conversation that transpires between the two is short, and awkward, with Nicholas acknowledging that "he deserved" the group's wrath for trying to kill him. Glenn once again, though, gave a pass to Nicholas, keeping the transgression between the two of them. The scene ends with Nicholas helping Glenn dig ditches in preparation for the upcoming zombie herding attempt -- which, as we all know by now, ended in a magnificent mess.

"The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season" hits stores August 23.

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