20 Deleted Scenes That Would Save (Or Ruin) Superhero Films

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One of the best things to watch on DVD and Blu-ray movies is the deleted scenes, giving fans a chance to see what the directors thought could help their film and also to understand why they cut the scenes. When it comes to the world of superhero movies, there are deleted scenes in almost every major Marvel and DC release. Another thing about these deleted scenes is that many of them hold a lot of Easter eggs that the directors tried to place in the films to excite and appease the comic book faithful.

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It is also clear why many of these deleted scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Many of them dragged the movie down by causing too much bloat and others just seemed to not fit in with the final vision of the story. Even with the loss of some fun Easter eggs, some of these deleted scenes could have changed a movie drastically – for better or worse. With that in mind, here are 10 deleted scenes that could have saved a superhero movie and 10 more that would have ruined them if included in the final cut.

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10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)
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10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

One of the most polarizing superhero movies in recent years was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While there are many fans of this DC Comics release, there are just as many, if not more, that either hated the movie or were disappointed. The biggest problem with Batman V Superman was that there was just too much going on in the film. With that said, the second biggest problem was that the entire movie felt disjointed and was missing a lot of information.

The Extended Cut of the movie was much better than the theatrical version because many of these deleted scenes cleared up the confusion. Batman V Superman desperately needed these deleted scenes added back in to improve the movie, but there was still a problem. It was even more overloaded. In a perfect world, this would have been two movies, with the deleted scenes added back in.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

In The Incredible Hulk, there was a scene in the movie that was dark and shocking, but it also included a great Easter egg that director Louis Leterrier bragged about being in the film – until he left it on the cutting room floor. The scene in question had Bruce Banner head up to the Arctic, put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. He tried to kill himself but “the big guy” spit the bullet out.

Marvel chose to cut the scene from the movie, and that was the best decision. Banner is tormented but how many fans want to see him try to kill himself at the start of the film? That would have damaged the heroic qualities of the character. On the other hand, this was the scene where fans saw Captain America buried under the ice – something lost with the deleted scene.


The Uncensored X-Men: 15 Times The X-Men Went WAY Too Far

Logan is a fantastic movie and possibly the best X-Men universe movie since X2. However, there is a scene that was never shot but was in the original plans for the film. The scene they chose not to shoot involved a flashback to what happened with Professor X and the X-Men – the moment that Xavier broke. These deleted scenes showed how Charles lost control and killed members of the X-Men while injuring over 600 people.

The filmmakers believed that it was better to leave this scene out because of how hard it might hit the viewers. They considered less was more when it came to the tragedy that destroyed the X-Men and broke Charles Xavier. They might be right but this was a scene that really would have cleared up what happened instead of leaving it up to fans to come up with their own tragic end for the X-Men.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

The fact is that Odin is not a decent individual. Being the king of the Norse Gods inevitably puts a heavy weight on his shoulder, but he has done many things over the years that have proven that he might be a great leader, but a terrible father. If one scene from Thor: The Dark World had remained in the film, he would also be a candidate for Worst Husband of All-Time as well. In the actual scene from the movie, Frigga saved Jane Foster, but Kurse killed her.

In the Thor: The Dark World deleted scene, Odin shows up in the room and faces Malekith. When Frigga asks Odin to kill them, he lowers his staff and Malekith orders Kurse to kill Frigga. It is a heartbreaking scene but the character of Odin was destroyed at this moment in the movies, and this was better left deleted.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

The very first Thor movie helped create the most beloved villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Loki. Amazingly, there is a deleted scene from that movie that would have made him a better character – making him more sympathetic, while proving that he was right in his pursuit of the Throne of Asgard. This scene involved Frigga speaking to her son about the throne after Odin banished Thor to Earth.

The scene had Odin fall into a deep sleep after Thor’s banishment. Frigga gave Loki the staff of Odin and told him that with Thor gone, he was the next King of Asgard. It was a huge move and showed the mother’s love for her son. Tom Hiddleston’s reaction proved he was surprised but honored. It had to go because Marvel needed him to remain a pure villain but it would have made Loki an even deeper character in the end.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

Tim Burton revived the superhero movie after a pair of Superman sequels tried to drag comic book movies to the straight-to-DVD bin. Three years after he brought Batman to the world, Burton returned with Batman Returns, a film that was as dark as soot and surpassed even the first movie for some fans of the Dark Knight. However, there was one deleted scene that Burton shot that would have ruined everything.

This scene involved a Batman-themed toy store where kids bought new toys based on their beloved hometown superhero. The problem is that many of these toys were real-life toys and this was a little too meta for the movie crowd of 1992. The most significant sin from this scene was a Batman video game – one that had Bruce Wayne’s face on the front, revealing his identity to the world. Luckily, Burton saw how ridiculous this was and cut it from the final version.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

There are a lot of things to hate about X-Men: The Last Stand. Probably the most unforgivable sin was the treatment of Jean Grey, as the film ruined the opportunity to tell the Dark Phoenix saga respectfully. It looks like Fox will try to rectify that with the next X-Men movie, but there is a deleted scene in this film that could have fixed another problem.

The original X-Men trilogy was the story of Rogue. The first movie shows her as a tragic character who could never touch or love another person. The third film wraps up her story with a chance to take the cure and “heal herself” of the Mutant gene. She accepts the treatment, which was a betrayal of the hero she had become. The deleted scene had Rogue reject the cure. It wouldn’t have saved the movie, but it would have saved her character’s arc.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

When looking back at it, Superman Returns is a misunderstood film. Bryan Singer’s goal was to create a movie that paid homage to the first two Superman films from 1978 and 1980 while ignoring the third and fourth films that soiled the franchise. Brandon Routh was a great Superman, channeling the memory of Christopher Reeve throughout. However, there were too many problems with a slow, meandering story and a Superman that moped around and stalked Lois Lane.

There was also a scene that would have worsened those negative points. In that deleted scene, Superman returned to try to find the remains of Krypton. It explains where Superman went after Superman II, but it was a terrible decision. He took a spacecraft and found the planet intact but decimated. He almost died because of the kryptonite there, and it just added to the unnecessary angst of the movie.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise did a lot of things right. Andrew Garfield was great as an older Peter Parker and knocked it out of the park with his quips and portrayal of a wise-cracking Spidey. The worst parts of the two movies were the villains (especially Harry Osborne’s Green Goblin 2.0). However, the most intriguing thing about the films was the mystery about what happened to Peter Parker’s parents.

In the Amazing Spider-Man movies, his parents were working on something important, and someone wanted it, making this look like a high-level espionage story. Peter learned more in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it looked like the unmade third movie would finally solve the mystery. There was a final scene at the end that ties into that. As Peter is mourning the death of Gwen Stacy, Richard Parker shows up alive. That could have been a game changer.


MCU Behind The Scenes Feuds

There was controversy when Marvel was making Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fox was producing X-Men: Days of Future Past. The two companies were fighting for the rights to Quicksilver, and both studios ended up using him. Marvel used Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as they helped The Avengers while Fox used Quicksilver as the Mutant son of Magneto. Out of the two, it was Fox who kept Quicksilver around.

Joss Whedon has said that he had Quicksilver die in Age of Ultron because he didn’t want to be worried about losing the rights to the character after the fact. However, Whedon shot some scenes to show that Quicksilver survived just in case Marvel wanted to continue using the superhero. However, having Quicksilver die helped develop the character of the Scarlet Witch and his death was a better decision in the long run.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

There has never been an MCU female-led superhero movie, even though they introduced The Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and had the perfect character to headline a film. Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter said that Marvel shouldn’t make a female-led superhero movie because he believed that Supergirl, Elektra and Catwoman proved no one wants them. Marvel will release Captain Marvel as its first female superhero franchise, but Black Widow was a missed opportunity.

In Civil War, Natasha was talking to Alexander Pierce, and he spoke of her past, mentioning things like Budapest, Osaka and the children’s ward. We know that Hawkeye was there in Budapest, but these are exciting ideas thrown in, making us wonder what a Black Widow movie could entail. Add this scene back in, and there is a chance a Black Widow movie could be saved.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

Joel Schumacher ruined the Batman franchise with his two movies, but there is no doubt that Batman Forever had more positive qualities than the horrendous Batman & Robin. Jim Carey was a great Riddler and Val Kilmer was fantastic as Bruce Wayne. With that said, the color palette, stupid humor and ridiculous situations made the movie more cheese and less like the superior Tim Burton efforts.

It is almost hard to believe, but it could have been so much worse. There was a scene where Bruce Wayne had given up being Batman and was reading a journal, realizing his parent’s death was not his fault. Then, inexplicably, he saw a giant bat to remind him of why he needed to be Batman. The bat looked ridiculous, like a giant rubber Man-Bat, and ruined any positives the movie possessed.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

There was a deleted scene in Civil War that played out during the airport fight scene in the theatrical version. This deleted scene included a great moment cut out of the final film that could have added foreshadowing to the entire Winter Soldier character. The scene took place after the fight between Iron Man and Captain America’s team started. Cap was running for cover as Iron Man was blasting repulse rays at him.

Cap hit the ground, rolled and lost his handle on his shield. Winter Solder ran up, grabbed the shield and threw it accurately at Iron Man. It bounced off Iron Man, knocking him off course, and then Falcon grabbed it and tossed it back to Captain America. Then Bucky said, “I got to get me one of those.” This scene really could have set up Bucky, or maybe Sam Wilson, taking over the role of Captain America one day.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

Early in Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are sitting in the government headquarters, preparing to discuss the Sokovia Accords -- the superhero registration act. This scene is one of the last times Tony and Steve talk as friends before they start their war against each other over this issue. During the scene, Steve asks Tony where Pepper Potts is, and Stark says they are on a break.

However, there is a line taken out of the scene that could have changed Tony Stark’s entire life and the course of his character. What Tony said was that they were on a break because Tony missed their Lamaze class. Making Pepper pregnant and giving Tony Stark a child would completely change the entire dynamic of Iron Man, and not in a positive way.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

Jon Favreau said all along that he was not interested in dealing with the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline, but he came close in Iron Man 2. That movie saw Tony get very drunk – in the Iron Man armor – and get into a fight with Rhodey at a party. That is likely as close as we will get to that fantastic story where Tony’s life fell apart due to his demons.

However, there was also another scene in Iron Man 2 that could have added to that story. At the start of the movie, it opens with Tony on an airplane, sick and throwing up in a toilet while dressed in full uniform. There is also a moment in this deleted scene that sees Pepper Potts says he looks like he is has a hangover every day. This scene hints at his alcoholism, which could have been a great addition to the movie.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

The start of the major climax of Ant-Man has Mitchell Carson escape before Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket start their giant fight at the end of the film. That is the last we see of Carson in the movie as he escapes. Remember that, before this happened, Carson put the Pym Particles in his pocket and stole it. There was no word on what happened to the Pym Particles after this but there were deleted scenes that wrapped it up.

There are two different deleted scenes that show what could have happened to Mitchell Carson. In one of the scenes, he was sucked back into the Pym building before it imploded. The second deleted scene showed Scott Lang go after him at the end of the movie and regain possession of the Pym Particles. However, by leaving this open-ended, it means HYDRA still has them and can play into later Ant-Man films.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

In Ant-Man, there was a scene in the movie where Darren Cross was holding a bidding war for his Pym Particles, and the primary buyers involved were members of HYDRA, led by Mitchell Carson. However, those weren’t the only buyers there. In one of the deleted scenes, there was a more extended look at some of the buyers and one of them was a huge Easter egg that Marvel chose to omit.

One of the men at the bidding war was a gentleman in a suit with a tattoo sticking out of the collar on his neck. This tattoo was the Ten Rings symbol. Now, this could have opened up a big question for Iron Man fans disappointed in Iron Man 3. Could the Ten Rings still be active and could the real Mandarin have sent this man to get the Pym Particles for their organization.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

A lot of people didn’t like Constantine when it was in theaters but it is a decent movie – albeit not compared to the comics. Most of the complaints surrounded the casting of Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, but he did the best he could with the material, and the movie was better than it had any right to be. However, there is a deleted scene that could have damaged the film somewhat.

This scene involved John and his relationship with a half-breed demon named Ellie. Sure, anytime Michelle Monaghan is cut from a movie, it is a sad day, but this needed to go. The director axed the scenes because he wanted to keep John alone to sell his sense of despair and self-loathing. There were a number of moments she was in the movie, but removing her scenes was the best move to make Constantine isolated.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

There is a lot of stuff going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that might be why Marvel deleted this scene, although it could have been cool to keep it in there to show how big the Marvel universe is – even outside of the movies. At the time of the Thor movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. was the only major organization fans knew of, with HYDRA still underground at the time. However, at the end of Thor, Erik Selvig made mention of another one, a line of dialogue left on the cutting room floor.

In the scene, Selvig has a base of operations set up and mentions S.H.I.E.L.D. and talks of cross-referencing their information with the S.W.O.R.D. database. Of course, S.W.O.R.D. is the intelligence organization that deals with extraterrestrial threats to Earth. This one mention would have opened up the idea of aliens, way before Guardians of the Galaxy brought them to life.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would Save Superhero Movies (and 10 That Would Ruin Them)

Ant-Man started out with Scott Lang as a common criminal, although one who was committing crimes to help make money to help out with his daughter. Through the movie, Scott Lang reformed and decided he was not going to live a life of crime anymore. Even when he relapsed, he chose to turn back and return the Ant-Man costume he stole. However, there was a deleted scene that ultimately ruined his redemption.

In that scene, his buddies are at a casino playing craps. When one of them rolls the dice, the dice suddenly turn twice until they are on the winning numbers. Scott Lang did that as Ant-Man and the scene ends with them all dancing in their room while throwing around the money. It is funny but it shows Scott Lang has not entirely reformed and become a real hero.

Which other scenes do you think could have saved (or ruined) superhero movies? Let us know in the comments!

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