Del Toro Wants <i>Sons Of Anarchy's</i> Charlie Hunnam For <i>Pacific Rim</i>

It was heartbreaking to see Guillermo del Toro walk away from The Hobbit only to have his H.P. Lovecraft adaptation At the Mountains of Madness canned. He's still working on a monster movie, though, Pacific Rim. Even better, the loss of The Hobbit and Mountains may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, as del Toro reportedly wants none other than Jax Teller himself, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, to lead the Pacific cast.

The news comes from Deadline, which reveals that Hunnam is "negotiating" for the lead in Pacific Rim, which will be produced by Legendary Pictures with a script from Travis Beacham. Also in the report are some new details about the film's story: "[Pacific Rim] is set in a future where giant malevolent creatures threaten to destroy the earth, city by city. To combat its annihilation, the planet must band together and use highly advanced weapons technology to eradicate the growing threat."

Sounds like a good time, at least for the viewing audience. Especially if Hunnam is the star. If you haven't seen Sons of Anarchy, get on that yesterday.

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