Del Toro Doesn't Plan to 'Pursue Action Movies or Superhero Movies At All Any More'

Guillermo del Toro believes his days of directing big-budget Hollywood blockbusters are numbered.

“What I can tell you quite safely is, I don’t intend to keep on doing big, giant Hollywood movies for much longer,” the "Crimson Peak" filmmaker tells The Guardian. “'Crimson Peak' is a great permit for me to work on a smaller scale. I mean, it’s big for a drama, but it’s a much smaller undertaking than 'Pacific Rim' or 'Hellboy.'

"I can’t say which ones, but I’ve been offered gigantic movies in the superhero genre, but I don’t like the superheroes that are … nice," he continued. "I like the dark ones, so 'Blade' and 'Hellboy' were right for me. The mechanics of action only interest me when it’s a universe very, very close to my heart, which 'Pacific Rim' is, and I love it. I’m not going to pursue action movies or superhero movies at all any more. I hope I can go back to doing the smaller, weirder ones.”

Del Toro's comments follow the decision last month by Universal Pictures to postpone "Pacific Rim 2." The filmmaker offered an update on the sequel over the weekend, tweeting, "Budget ready. Awaiting script from John Spaihts. Then is up to the studios to give it a green light."

The filmmaker had also been developing "Justice League Dark" for Warner Bros., but left the long-brewing project over the summer because the studio's plans conflicted with the schedule for "Pacific Rim 2."  Warner Bros. now appears to be charging ahead with that DC Comics film.

"Crimson Peak" opens Friday nationwide.

(via TheWrap)

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