Defensive Lineman: Matt Haley on Landing ''Defenders'' Art Gig

[Defenders - Colors]By now you've read the news announcing the new creative team of Marvel Comics' "The Defenders," and about the dramatic new direction it's going in. But that's just writer Kurt Busiek's opinions. What about new series artist Matt Haley?

"I was working on 'Witchfire' with Kurt for DC, and we got to talking about 'Defenders' and how Erik was having to leave the book for health reasons," Haley told CBR News on Thursday. 'We were looking for something else to work on together, and I mentioned that I'd never gotten the chance to draw good ol' fashioned superheroes ... he mentioned this to Tom Brevoort at Marvel, and since he and I had worked together before, he gave me a shot."

At this point, there's not a lot of Haley's resume featuring work from Marvel.

"Yeah, the bulk of my work has been for DC, and they've been very good to me over the years, but a lot of the characters I grew up reading are Marvel heroes, like the Hulk and Silver Surfer. Maybe I can talk Kurt into letting Spidey guest-star one of these days ...!"

At this point, Haley's best-known for his depiction of fabulous superwomen -- most notably "Elseworld's Finest: Batgirl & Supergirl" -- but that was never his master plan.

"I'm not sure -- I just love drawing women, and after 10 years I got good at it. Frankly, I just needed a change, I needed to draw something different, and I also need to prove to myself that I can increase my output. While I love drawing beautiful women (Valkyrie and Hellcat are in 'Defenders,' so nobody panic), it's hard to move a head in one's career if one is 'typecast', so I'm grateful to Kurt and Tom for this opportunity."

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