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15 Jaw-Dropping Defenders Cosplays That Rival The Real Thing

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15 Jaw-Dropping Defenders Cosplays That Rival The Real Thing

Now that The Defenders have their own Netflix show, we were bound to see a surge in cosplays based around the characters from the show, especially since the solo series have done so well and The Defenders has received a lot of positive reviews. These are really great shows (for the most part) which means there are a lot of fans out there prepping their costumes for their next Comic Con visit. It is pretty magical when cosplayers show up to a Comic Con alone and find like-minded fans who appreciate their costumes. What makes things even more fun is when they run into other cosplayers who dressed up as the same character or characters within the same series.

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There isn’t much that is quite as fun as gathering with people of a similar interest and discussing your passions. With that in mind, we here at CBR are looking at 15 of the best Defenders cosplays (in no particular order) that give the real Defenders a run for their money. Yes, the Netflix universe of shows isn’t as big as the MCU on the big screen so you’ll see multiple Daredevils and Punishers, but that doesn’t make the work these men and women have done any less impressive.


This couple looks like they’re about to be surrounded by Hand ninjas — and they’re completely ready for it. Looking like a scene that jumped right off of the TV screen and into your home, photographer batoucat perfectly captures the chemistry between Daredevil and cosplayer draumrkopa_‘s Elektra as characters who love each other but are at odds with each other’s beliefs. The close proximity of the two, mixed with the heightened tension makes for a great shot.

This real-life cosplaying couple mix Daredevil’s early look from the solo series’ first season with Elektra’s ninja costume from the second season of the hit Netflix show. The couple have cosplayed as many other famous fictional couples, but this shot of DD and his assassin girlfriend is one of our favorites.


The most “hardcore” of all the Netflix shows, Jessica Jones was unlike anything that Marvel has put on either TV or on the big screen. Actress Krysten Ritter might have not been everyone’s first choice to play the titular role but once fans saw what she brought to the role, it was obvious she was born to do it. akacosplaychicago put together her own tribute to the hero, and we think she did a great job.

While her “costume” might not be the most elaborate or difficult to do, getting the attitude down is paramount to the character of Jessica Jones. Anybody can grab a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, a gray scarf, a pair of black boots and a messenger bag, but it’s how you wear it that matters, and we like what we see here.


Most cosplayers tend to dress up as superheroes when they are in their costume, ready to take on some bad guys. Few dress up as superheroes when they are in their civilian clothes because it is hard to replicate someone else’s look when you don’t have a mask on. Blake “Spirit Wolf” is a cosplayer from London who has an uncanny resemblance to Matt Murdock. Actually he has an uncanny resemblance to Charlie Cox playing Matt Murdock which is even freakier.

Everything from his glasses, beard and haircut screams the lawyer with the heart of gold from the show. He even has a similar hairline to Charlie Cox. Blake has cosplayed as other popular characters such as Luke Skywalker and Tony Stark but his best is by far Matt Murdock.


While the first season of Iron Fist might have been a bit of a dud, the one thing most fans can agree on is that Jessica Henwick’s portrayal of Colleen Wing was a very high point. We were very excited and delighted to see her role was expanded in The Defenders, and we’re hoping for more of the character, maybe alongside Misty Knight as the Daughters of the Dragon. If not, we at least have this killer cosplay from gwensdayaddams.

Dressed in her signature all-white look and with hood up, this cosplay of the self-defense teaching Wing is perched on top of a roof, looking ready to strike down any Hand ninja or petty crook that may come her way. The only thing that we would have loved to see is her brandishing her trademark sword but regardless of that minor detail, this is an uncanny cosplay of Colleen Wing.


This cosplay tag team brings the rivalry in season 2 of Daredevil to life, where the titular hero and Frank Castle found themselves at odds with each other given their divergent feelings about the law, vigilantism and the death penalty. The characters had some memorable encounters on the show but never one quite like this, or while looking quite like this.

The two collide at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, with Sierra Annette cosplaying as a pretty awesome female version of the Punisher equipped with guns, grenades and bullets, while rxacevedo dons the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s first suit from the series which was all black and covered his eyes. Although it is not entirely accurate since Matt Murdock already had his red suit by the time he fought the Punisher, the photograph is still really cool.


Iron Fist had a few hiccups when it comes to the story and dialogue and in comparison to the other Marvel Netflix show, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. Thankfully, Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K’un-Lun blah blah blah, redeemed himself with an important and fierce turn in The Defenders. Cosplayer jameswerty looks incredibly like actor Finn Jones’ version of the character and this shot of him full Danny Rand cosplay is proof of that.

Dressed in a suit, just like Danny Rand is in a good part of his solo Netflix series, jameswerty is ripe with Danny Rand’s somewhat laid-back attitude as he stands ready to unleash the might of his super powerful Iron Fist. We love the glowing hand and all but just like with the previously mentioned Jessica Jones cosplay, it’s all about getting the attitude down, which this cosplay does perfectly.


Elektra is a complicated character in the comics, and the showrunners of both the Daredevil and The Defenders really hit the mark when it came to just how much of a headache her and her story is. However, actress Elodie Yung’s emotionally powerful portrayal of the Matt Murdock’s murderous on-again, off-again love interest hit all the right chords. Cosplayer Michelle Reed completely hits the nail on the head with her great looking cosplay of Elektra, from the mask down to the sais.

Reed has also cosplayed as Jessica Jones, but it’s this Elektra costume that really caught our eye. Straight out of the second season of Daredevil, Reed, or michellereed as she’s known on Instagram, looks ready to take on a horde of ninjas. Hopefully she’ll look into cosplaying as Elektra from The Defenders because we bet she can pull off that costume just as good.


The first teaser for The Defenders featured the four superheroes being filmed by a black and white elevator elevator camera, presumably after a battle since Danny Rand looks exhausted. The camera goes black when Jessica Jones realizes they are being filmed and destroys the camera. We assume that this is them on their way down after the fight with The Hand.

In the scene, Matt Murdock is wearing civilian clothes but has his face covered with a scarf. This is the basis for Sean Derbyshire’s Daredevil cosplay. Derbyshire goes so far as to take the picture in a similar elevator, reminding us of the exact scene he is replicating. His Instagram page is ripe with other cosplays he has done from Star-Lord to Han Solo and Zorro and he even did Matt Murdock in civilian clothes.


U Go & Cosplay may have beaten everyone else on this list for his sheer commitment. He dressed up as all four Defenders at one time, but we decided to go with one of his best — this great shot of him as Luke Cage. As mentioned previously, some of these cosplays aren’t the most elaborate, but that doesn’t take away from the dedication and hard work that is put in to making these looks just right.

This shot was taken by photographer this_is_gallagherphotos and it shows Luke Cage really flexing his muscles. With his trademark yellow shirt riddled with bullet holes, this cosplay nails that street-level look that Mike Colter’s Luke Cage brings to both his solo series and his turn with the team in The Defenders.


This photograph, curtesy of Douglas Shaune Photography, of the Punisher at the East Coast Comic Con showcases the Frank Castle we got to see in Daredevil perfectly. The antihero is brought to life with his leather duster, armored vest, pistols and bullet belts. We really appreciate the detail on the bulletproof vest which takes a rugged approach to the skull design similar to the one in the show.

Douglas Shaune Photography takes pictures of other cosplayers so make sure to check out his Instagram page linked above to see what else he as to offer.


Eric Ahola has a pretty fantastic Daredevil costume that looks like it was ripped straight out of Charlie Cox’s dressing room. The photo above (taken by Matt Albers) shows him with a fellow cosplayed dressed as Elektra which is really cool. You can check out other images of his suit on his Instagram page. While you’re there you’ll notice that he has photoshopped himself in a lot of Defenders promotional images which is really cool. You practically can’t tell the difference between him and Charlie Cox.

This guy is clearly a huge fan of the shows and went to a lot of trouble to make his suit a perfect replica of the one in the series. And his passion shows in this amazing-looking Daredevil costume.


Usually not one to leave much to the imagination due to her penchant for barely there cosplay costumes, Kristen Lanae’s Jessica Jones cosplay is actually very tame. Lamae’s Jessica Jones wears her leather jacket and infinity scarf while holding a glass of whiskey with some major attitude. That pretty much sums up the character perfectly.

There is another great shot of Lanae as the character holding her camera, which you can see at the start of this article. If you’re one that prefers her more revealing cosplays, then look no further than her Mystique cosplay, getting out of bed completely nude or this one, although in this case does it still count as a Mary Jane Watson cosplay if she is only wearing a wig?


Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of the Punisher in the second season of Daredevil was great and we can’t wait to see his solo series when it hits Netflix.  The Punisher’s resting in the photograph above (taken by ayymx) after what must have been a pretty tough fight. He’s all bloodied up but you should see the other guy. He’s at the bottom of the Hudson River. Kiefer Jordan Rusowicz makes a pretty damn intimidating Punisher, equipped with shotgun, mini-gun and signature skull kevlar vest.

But the Punisher isn’t the only great cosplay that Rusowicz excels at. Remember those test shots that leaked of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke? Rusowicz gives those costume designers a run for they money. His costume is absolutely amazing and has an astonishing attention to detail. He does makes a great Mad Max from Fury Road complete with spiked mouth cover and weapons.


Sweet Christmas! This picture (taken by Dan Elliot) of Luke Cage looking really pissed off and ready for a fight is absolutely nuts because Fire Forged Cosplay from Saint Louis looks exactly like Mike Colter. After looking at other images on his Instagram you will notice that he doesn’t really look like Colter but somehow he really captured the actor in this particular shot.

One of his favorite cosplay accessories (which we thought was quite clever and hilarious) is a car door riddled with bullet holes which is taken straight from episode three of Luke Cage where the hero exacts his revenge of Cottonmouth for having Pop killed. You can head over to his Instagram page to see him use the car door in action.


While we’ve definitely covered our fair share of Daredevil cosplays and have seen some amazing work, of both DD and of Matt Murdock in various stages, this cosplay has to take the cake. Daredevil is known for its gritty, dirty, grimy and violent take on happenings in the MCU, and this cosplay from Rock DJ Lee Cosplay not only nails the suit from the series, but the tone of the show as well.

Wearing a picture perfect Daredevil costume, complete with awesome billy clubs, Rock DJ Lee has a bloody lip, something that fans of not only the Netflix show are accustomed to, but something that longtime fans of the character and his comic can appreciate. This right here is some next level stuff, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Are there any other Defenders cosplay that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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