Defenders Stars Drop Hints About Weaver's Mysterious Alexandra

When The Defenders hits Netflix next month, Sigourney Weaver will play one of the show's biggest mysteries. Little is known about her character Alexandra, beyond the fact that she will be our heroes' primary antagonist in the miniseries. However, at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Weaver and other Defenders stars dropped some new clues about about the enigmatic Alexandra.

"I also think Sigourney's character is really relatable. She's not just a clear-cut villain. You can kind of side with her, and I think that's really interesting and really surprising," shared Finn Jones, who plays Iron Fist. "There's a lot of stuff at the end that happens... which is really surprising."

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"I've been fortunate to play a lot of different things. I've never actually played anyone like Alexandra," Weaver revealed. "I haven't played a New Yorker since I did Eyewitness with Bill Hurt a thousand years ago, and so to play someone who's a patron of the arts, who's sort of at these events, who's a sort of New York citizen who knows and loves the city and its history. I just loved all of that, so I felt they approached me with very much the right attitude, you know, in terms of wanting to create an older heroine who wasn't just one or two things. She's very complex and, even during this series, you're not going to see the end of what she is. I think she's a character who has mystery in her life. You never really get to go, 'Oh, she's this' because she's also the opposite. That's probably true of Elodie [Yung]'s character [Elektra] too. She's full of surprises and a very deep character -- I think a character who's truly fascinating to Alexandra."

"Each of the characters has a color, and I was surprised to find that my character's color is white, although in the end I came to really love it because it is very elegant," she said. "It's someone who doesn't get their hands dirty. I was very lucky that the clothes this year… they had a lot of weird things going on, like feathers and strange colors and things like that that didn't go with white. I had a lot to do with picking her concepts."

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As to her relationship with Madame Gao, which was the focus of a clip released last week, Weaver teased, "We have a very interesting relationship. There's never any security in this world, and it's a lesson one has to learn again and again."

"I think we build the information with each [episode], but I think they purposely don't want you to know too much about her because it is written somewhat from the Defenders' point of view," she explained. "You get glimpses into her life; I think pretty intimate glimpses into her life. Ultimately, it's about these forces coming together. There's more to her! I honestly haven't seen the [episodes], so I don't know how much you get to know."

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Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil, wouldn't say much about Alexandra, but he had plenty of praise for Weaver. "I don't know how you speak about someone like Sigourney Weaver without being so complimentary that you sound disingenuous," he said. "Sigourney is an icon, a true icon, and a hero of mine. I guess what I would say about her is she's one of the few icons who is not in an any way a disappointment when you meet. She's incredibly kind and incredibly generous as an actor and as a person. I think just her involvement in the show elevated it to a level that we could never have achieved without her, so I just feel very grateful to have worked with her."

Arriving August 18 on Netflix, the eight-episode Defenders miniseries stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Elodie Yung as Elektra Natchios, Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra.

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