Deepak Chopra Starts Comic Book Company

Official Press Release

World-renowned author and spiritualist Deepak Chopra and director ShekharKapur have joined with Gotham Ent. Group, the leading publisher of comicmagazines in South Asia, to announce the launch of Gotham Studios Asia, anew company focused on creating original comic books and characterproperties for a global audience.

Over the next year, the studio intends to attract more than 150 of India'smost talented artists and writers to create a portfolio of originalcharacter properties for comicbook publishing and licensing into movies,animation, toys, videogames and consumer products. The firm intends toproduce original content, infused with Indian and Asian mythology, to meetthe growing demand of the industry for properties and stories that cater tothis emerging global audience.

Deepak said, "As the narrow walls of nationalism come down, and as a newcollective humanity, we break through our tribal identities, Asia willbecome the home of the entertainment, media and business activities of theworld. Through the studio, we plan to reinvigorate some of civilization'sgreatest mythologies, to tap into the primal energies of India and Asia'sgreat tradition of storytelling. The Super-Powers of tomorrow will not bedefined by their military prowess but by their cultural contribution and wefirmly believe our new venture will be at the vanguard of this global,cultural and economic shift."

"Similar to the phenomenon we have seen with Japanese anime and manga, whichhas influenced virtually every aspect of popular media today, our mission isto reinvent contemporary Indian popular art and permeate this new style andvision throughout the globe," said Gotham Ent. Group ceo, Sharad Devarajan.

Shekhar said, "Comics are becoming the new pop art. The new popcommunication. The new drug. This is not just comics, but a breathtaking newmulti-media format. Comics are the new culture."

Gotham Studios is working with Marvel Comics to produce the SPIDER-MAN:INDIA comic series. The first issue was successfully released by Marvel inNorth America last Wednesday. A collector edition is being marketed tonon-resident Indians at http://www.spidermanindia.com. Gotham Studiosintends to launch their first original comic magazines in 2005.

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