Decoding Marvel's "Fear Itself" Teasers

Thanks to the tireless cryptology work of CBR's forumites, it's become clear that the colored letters in Marvel Comics' mysterious "Fear Itself" teaser images released this week contain a hidden message -- but is it possible that there's more than one? So far, the publisher has released silhouette images of Iron Fist, Doctor Strange and Red She-Hulk, each filled with words describing their character and personality. Forum member david_boring was the first to set readers on the right track when the Iron Fist image debuted.

In each of the images there are colored letters that, when unscrambled and grouped with the same colors in the chronological order of the images' release, reveal four, distinct hidden messages. While none of the messages are complete, it's clear that these are meant to be considered separately, although all four messages may eventually fit together. So far, CBR's forum members have come up with the following:

  • Orange message -- "Thus (or Shut) the engines..."
  • Yellow message -- "The universe will..."
  • Red message -- "Everyone you love..."
  • Maroon message -- "Fight to save..."

The messages' full meanings should become clear at Marvel's Sunday afternoon "Fear Itself" panel at Comic-Con International at San Diego. It's likely that Marvel will continue to release teasers for the rest of the week to complete the messages, along with the unveiling at least two more characters involved in the upcoming announcement.

The CCI "Fear Itself" panel takes place on Sunday, July 24 from 12:30-1:30, featuring writers Greg Pak, Cullen Bunn, Nick Spencer and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso. Stay tuned to CBR for more decryption info this and for live coverage of the "Fear Itself" panel during CCI!

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