Debut issue of 'Dead @17' sells out

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DEAD @17 #1, VIPER COMICS' debut issue, is SOLD OUT from Diamond Comics Distributors. With positive reviews and reader enthusiasm still increasing, the series appears to be picking up steam. The Issue #1 debut was November 5, 2003 and to everyone's surprise stores couldn't keep the copies on the shelves. Retailers reported selling out in 1-2 days, the response was just overwhelming. "Since the release of issue #1, we've filled several purchase re-orders, none of us at Viper anticipated such a response to our debut title", said Jessie Garza Viper Comics President.

The debut issue has also generated overwhelmingly positive critical response:

"It's a splatterpunk zombie horror story" - Comic Shop News

"I think word has gotten out about a small Texas company called Viper Comics. Most of the rumbling can be attributed to a little surprise hit known as DEAD @17" - HeroRealm.com

"This is new. And, man, does it have style. And grace. It has a hot girl in a pleated skirt holding a bloody axe." - Comixview.com

"Dead @17 is one of the freshest and most original comic books that I have read in a long time." - TheCollectorTimes.com

"Howard is a magnificent plotter. The introduction, character exposure and cliffhangers are all well presented in a small amount of pages. There's enough stuff happening here to attract the reader for the second issue." - TheComicBookBin.com

"There's nothing like a cover featuring a girl in a catholic school uniform with a bloody axe over her shoulder to catch your attention." - BrokenFrontier.com

"If you're a fan of horror comics, you should really pick this one up." - Comixtreme.com

"The characters are three-dimensional, believable girls drawn with flair." - ComicsWorthReading.com

"DEAD @17 is a little bit of horror genius." - SilverBulletComicBooks.com

"DEAD @17, seems to have clicked with a small but growing audience." - Newsarama.com

"So..you want to hear the line that will make you want to buy this book? Undead school girl bisecting zombie skulls with an axe." - NeedCoffee.com

"Zombies, guns, a resurrected chosen one and sexy young girls, all drawn in a clear and attractive art style, adds up to something intriguing." - TheFourthRail.com

"Issue #2 has already gone to backorder, and now that the book has built up so much buzz, we expect to see increasing demand for additional issues. Visit your nearest retailer and pick up your copy of DEAD @17 Issue #2 in stores now", advises Greg Gatlin, Viper Comics Production Director.

DEAD @17 #2 (OCT032774) IN STORES NOW & DEAD @17 #3(NOV032633) 32 pages, full color, is available for order and is scheduled to arrive in stores January 7, 2003 with a cover price of $2.95 U.S. each. Retailers may place orders by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative.

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