DEBUNKED: "Batman V Superman" Toy Does Not Confirm Cyborg's Involvement

Over the past few weeks, a number of newly-revealed toy lines have included figures that could tease what's to come in the feature films. There have been a few potential reveals for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," including a look at an alternate Lex Luthor look and one particular Mighty Minis figure that recently appeared on the Toys "R" Us website.

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Cyborg, a Justice League member that has his own film slated for release in 2020 and an actor (Ray Fisher) lined up to play him. Cyborg's involvement in "Batman v Superman" has not been confirmed, so the character's apparent inclusion in Mattel's line of "BvS" Mighty Mini figures turned a few heads. Does this one figure mean that Ray Fisher's Cyborg will appear in "Batman v Superman"?

As an unboxing video posted by PixelDan reveals -- no, it does not. The video, which features a few of the "BvS" Mystery Mini packs being opened, includes a close-up shot of the checklist that comes inside each Mini bag. The checklist has two sides -- one for the "Batman v Superman" series, and another for a series based on the new "Batman Unlimited" brand.

The "BvS" series includes versions of Batman and Superman, while the "Batman Unlimited" one includes non-"BvS" characters like Robin, Cyborg and Green Arrow. Those three characters do appear in the "Batman Unlimited" animated films. Aside from the chest detail, the Mystery Mini bears a resemblance to the animated Cyborg.

Additional proof can be found in

You can watch the entire unboxing video below. "Batman v Superman" opens on March 25.

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