Deborah Ann Woll's New Post-Daredevil Role is a D&D Dungeon Master

Following the cancellation of Marvel's Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll, who played Karen Page on all three seasons of the show, has managed to roll a saving throw. Beginning in February, she'll be teaming up with Geek & Sundry to host her own weekly series on Alpha, a subscription service owned by Legendary Digital Networks. Relics and Rarities is an RPG-based series, in which players and guests make their way through a Dungeons & Dragons adventure led by Woll as Dungeon Master and narrator.

Woll, known for her roles in True Blood and Daredevil, is a long-time D&D enthusiast who has run games for her co-stars and appeared on popular D&D-based web series, such as Critical Role, Force Grey and the "Stream of Many Eyes" event from this summer. The campaign used for Relics and Rarities comes from Woll's vision, and the game will be set in a world of her own creation, centered on "a mysterious curio shop in the sleepy town of Bellbrook."

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An initial teaser for the series shows the set of the Relics and Rarities curio shop, full of antiques and enigmatic objects, where Woll rolls a die and greets viewers with, "Welcome, adventurers." There's also a logo showing that the show was established in 1666, offering an additional hint about the setting.

The story that will unfold through gameplay isn't yet known, except that characters are in "a race against time to stop an unholy prophecy from coming to fruition." In other words, classic roleplaying material. To advance the tale, the cast will need to solve puzzles and "wield their chosen relics."

Woll had this to say of her new project: “I’m so excited to finally announce my new show, Relics and Rarities. We’ve assembled a stellar creative team, along with amazingly intricate set design, props and puzzles, a hilarious and surprising cast -- and an original world and campaign of my own creation.”

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The core cast will include Tommy Walker, who may be familiar to Daredevil fans as henchman Francis from Season 1, as well as Julia Dennis, Jasmine Bhullar and Xander Jeanneret. Each episode also promises to feature celebrity guests, which are being kept secret so far.  “You’ll have to watch to see what tricks I have up my sleeve," said Woll.

Relics and Rarities premiers on Feb. 4, 2019. Episodes will be available first on ProjectAlpha.com.

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