Deathstroke Just Retconned a Major Part of Teen Titans Continuity

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Deathstroke #27 by Christopher Priest, Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz, Jeromy Cox and Willie Schubert, on sale now.

One of the standout books of the DC Rebirth era has been Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke. The series has turned the sometimes one-dimensional master assassin into a complex and nuanced character who is in equal parts highly competent and massively flawed.

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Over the course of the title's run, Priest has hinted at a larger history that we’ve seen since the launch of The New 52, and it’s a history we recognize. Deathstroke’s years long enmity with The Titans was re-established, with classic storylines such as “The Judas Contract” being brought back into continuity. However, the latest issue of Deathstroke introduces one fundamental change to that iconic storyline that puts everything in a new light. And while it establishes a line in the sand that Deathstroke won’t cross, it also draws another line in the sand that he will.


At its core, “The Judas Contract” is a story about Deathstroke manipulating a young girl into joining, spying on and betraying the Teen Titans. Deathstroke blamed the young team of heroes for the death of his son Grant -- the first Ravager -- and took up his son’s deal with the terrorist organization H.I.V.E. in order to get his revenge.

However, one of the most uncomfortable aspects of “The Judas Contract” has always been the relationship between Deathstroke and the young hero-turned-villain, Terra. Terra is roughly around fiteen years old, and it’s strongly implied throughout the story that she has a romantic relationship with Slade Wilson. They refer to each other by pet names, Terra gets jealous of Slade’s family from before he was Deathstroke, and when she’s around him, she walks around in a loose fitting robe and nothing else. The Terra that "Judas Contract" readers saw around Slade is drawn in a deliberately sexualized manner, and while it’s meant to make us uncomfortable, it’s also somewhat inappropriate for a superhero comic.

Unfortunately, later stories have expounded on the relationship between Slade and Terra, emphasizing the sexual aspect of their relationship. Flashbacks to the era of "The Judas Contract" would often show them in bed together. The weekly series Countdown featured back-ups explaining the origins of supervillains, selecting the most important moments in their careers to fit decades of history into two pages. When Deathstroke’s turn came around, a third of the page was dedicated to Deathstroke naked in bed while Terra takes off her dress. It became an established part of his history, and throughout any attempts to make the villain cool and marketable as a franchise star in his own right, he was always plagued by his hebephilic relationship with Terra.

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