Deathstroke Needs To Join DC Comics' Justice League

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Deathstroke has done it all in 2017. He's returned to the Arrowverse, debuted on the big screen, and headlined his own critically acclaimed comic book series, so what's the next step for Slade Wilson in 2018? Why, joining the Justice League, of course.

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According to DC's March solicitation, Christopher Priest's amazing run on Deathstroke could be coming to an end with issue #29. While it's not a development we're cheering, it makes sense. Now that Priest is the ongoing writer of the twice-monthly Justice League, he might not have time to continue writing another book. However, he can have his cake and eat it too by simply having Slade join the ranks of DC Comics' premiere superhero team.

The Precedent Has Already Been Set

In March's Justice League #41, the team is slated to have a confrontation with Priest's own creation, the Red Lion. This guy is basically an evil Black Panther who ruled over his African nation as a dictator before Deathstroke helped depose him. As such, he's clearly looking for revenge -- so why would he take the time to attack an entire team of superheroes? Well, if Slade Wilson is a member, it makes sense.

Justice League Deathstroke

Sure, the issue's synopsis doesn't give any official indication that Deathstroke has joined the team, but this wouldn't even be the first time a villain has become a member. It's happened numerous times over the years, after all.

During Geoff Johns' run on Justice League, he had Lex Luthor and Captain Cold officially join the team following their efforts to save the world in Forever Evil. While Cold's tenure was brief, Luthor's turn as a hero continued on into Rebirth, even after he was kicked off the team. Well before that, D-list villain Major Disaster became a member of the team in the early 2000s.

The most recent example is Killer Frost joining Batman's Justice League of America team, a role she took on following a stint with the Suicide Squad. She continues to be a character locked in an internal struggle of someone who wants to do good, but whose powers set her up to do bad things -- not entirely dissimilar to Wilson's recent story arc in his own title.

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