Deathstroke Throws Shade At Deadpool in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Promo

deathstroke teen titans go to the movies

With Deadpool 2 in theaters nationwide, DC's Deathstroke has a bone to pick with Wade Wilson in a hilarious, well-timed promo for Teen Titans GO! to the Movies.

Voiced by Will Arnett, the fan-favorite antagonist points out the striking similarities between himself and Ryan Reynolds' Merc With a Mouth. "My name is Slade Wilson, his name is Wade Wilson," he begins. "My costume, like ... rocks ... and his ... is just a copy."

Plus, Deadpool only fights “one angry dude” (aka Cable), while Deathstroke takes on the entire team of Teen Titans.

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Although Deathstroke says, “Deadpool might have a sequel but remember he’s just a ripoff of me," he still suggests audiences should see Deadpool 2 this weekend (only because it's in theaters before his movie).

Opening July 27, Teen Titans GO! to the Movies stars original cast members Scott Menville as Robin, Tara Strong as Raven, Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Hynden Walsh as Starfire and Khary Payton as Cyborg, joined by Nicolas Cage as Superman, Halsey as Wonder Woman, Lil Yatchy as Green Lantern, Jimmy Kimmel as Batman and Will Arnett as Deathstroke.

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