Deathstroke: 10 DC Heroes Everyone Forgets He Defeated

Introduced in The New Teen Titans #2, Slade Wilson was originally named Deathstroke The Terminator by creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez. After enlisting in the army, Slade was 16-years old when he was picked for a secret experiment to create super-soldiers. As a killer for hire, Wilson had to keep his violent lifestyle a secret from his son, Joseph, and wife, Adeline. Unfortunately, Joseph found out about the terrible truth, which is why Wilson had to cut off his vocal cords. For her son, Adeline retaliated by stabbing Slade in his eye.

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You may think Slade's loss of peripheral vision, due to one eye missing, would be a handicap, but it actually makes the assassin a better marksman. A common enemy to the Titans, Dick Grayson, the former boy wonder known as Robin, knows better than anyone else what it feels like to pick a fight against Deathstroke. As Nightwing, Grayson is still reeling from his long history of scars and bruises left behind by Wilson. Because Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is the most-feared and deadliest super-villain in DC Comics, let's not forget about the 10 superheroes he easily defeated.

10 Red Hood

In writer James Bonny and artist Tyler Kirkham's Deathstroke #16, Slade is on the hunt for his missing daughter, Rose. Because Rose has been gone for 12 days, Slade is already thinking the worst after his leads turn out to be dead ends. Wilson decides to confront his contact Victor Ruiz, who has been supplying him with bad information.

Deathstroke finds himself confronting Jason Todd, the former Robin now turned Red Hood, who has been hired as Victor's bodyguard.  As the two fight, Deathstroke wins the match after a bazooka is brought in.

9 Superman

In the pages of Superman, the Man of Steel finds himself crossing paths against Deathstroke. Knowing Superman has a weak point when he uses his X-Ray vision, Slade hides behind lead to block his eyesight and dodge him. While flying around, Superman is just about to miss Wilson until he spots the mercenary on top of a speeding bus.

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Deathstroke shows off his slick moves and makes an over-the-top jump that even impresses Superman. After making the jump, Deathstroke dives straight through the store window and outruns Superman, eluding his capture.

8 Batgirl

After the events of The Killing Joke leaves Barbara Gordon paralyzed, Cassandra Cain eventually inherited on the mantle of Batgirl from her. As the new Batgirl, Cassandra makes her mark in the streets of Bludhaven. Deathstroke is then hired by the Brotherhood of Evil to take her down.

Knowing how to get her attention, Deathstroke starts endangering innocent lives. During their epic confrontation, Deathstroke plays mind-games with Batgirl, mentioning how he poisoned her, before finally knocking her out. Deathstroke made her physically and mentally weak by poking at her emotions.

7 Justice League

In the Identity Crisis crossover event, Elongated Man's pregnant wife, Sue Dibny, was burned alive in her own apartment. The Justice League believe her death may be connected to the mind wipe of Doctor Light. With the loss of memories, Doctor Light doesn't know why the Justice League are after him and hires Deathstroke to protect him.

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Deathstroke realizes he is going to have to take down seven superheroes one by one. He then trips The Flash, knocks out Black Canary and Green Arrow, before wrestling with Kyle Rayner for the Green Lantern ring.

6 Metamorpho

In writer Brian Buccellato and artist Mike S. Miller's Injustice: Gods Among Us, Deathstroke is forced out of retirement in Chapter 35: Year Five. In order to defeat Superman's regime, Batman and Lex Luthor will need the Mother Box.

Slade has been hired to steal the Mother Box from a secure S.T.A.R. Labs facility. Problem is, Deathstroke will have to go through the elemental shape-shifter, Metamorpho, in order to complete his mission. Pretending to be losing the brutal fight, Deathstroke then puts two special rounds into the back of Metamorpho's head, killing him instantly.

5 Azrael

Just because Jean-Paul Valley took over the Batman mantle for Bruce Wayne and defeated Bane single-handedly doesn't mean he's strong enough to take on Deathstroke. In writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Roger Robinson's Azrael #45, Jean-Paul finds himself wandering lost in the South American jungle.

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Deathstroke has been hired to kill the misunderstood monster lurking in the jungle, Calibax. When Azrael lifts up his flaming sword, Deathstroke starts cracking jokes. Though he protects Calibax, Azrael is no match to win the sword battle against the unimpressed Deathstroke.

4 Batman

Slade Wilson ends up visiting Gotham City and crosses paths with the Dark Knight himself in writer Marv Wolfman and  artist Steve Irwin's Deathstroke The Terminator #7. The caped crusader and Deathstroke unexpectedly realize they are trying to find the same target: a notorious mob hitman.

Batman wants to bring the hitman to justice but Deathstroke has to stop him from snitching to the police. In an epic brawl on a rooftop, Batman and Deathstroke pound each other's faces. Slade's mask is caked in Batman's blood after giving him an unforgettable beating.

3 Aquaman

Slade Wilson is on the run from the law in Deathstroke the Terminator #13. After breaking out of prison, Slade realizes he has very little time left to bask in freedom until the Justice League starts their manhunt. Deathstroke ends up encountering Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman.

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Confined together, Aquaman thinks he has the advantage of taking down Deathstroke. Aquaman laughs as Deathstroke fires two shots that completely miss him. Deathstroke wasn't aiming for Aquaman; he was trying to create the cave-in. Deathstroke managed to escape again while Aquaman was trapped.

2 Hawkman

In the fifth part of Hawkman Wanted, Carter Hall is on the run as a fugitive. Everyone is out to kill Carter, including Deathstroke, for his Nth Metal armor in Rob Liefield, Frank Tieri, and Joe Bennett's The Savage Hawkman #15.

During the New 52 era, Deathstroke was also wearing Nth Metal, which was stronger than anything he had worn before. The Nth Metal protects the wearer by increasing their strength and speeds up their body's healing process. Deathstroke and Hawkman were beating each other senseless because nothing could dent their armor.

1 Wonder Woman

Deathstroke found himself crossing paths with the immortal Amazonian warrior in Wonder Woman Special #1. Wonder Woman and Deathstroke were on a similar mission as they were both searching for Barbara Minerva, also known as the super-villain Cheetah. Not in costume, Wonder Woman was wearing an elegant dress for a fancy dinner ball.

Deathstroke could easily outmaneuver Diana because she was not dressed for battle. Diana fell onto the snow after Slade slapped her around. The Lasso of Truth had no effect on Deathstroke because he already knows exactly who he is.

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