Deathmate is Back at Valiant -- But It's Not What You Think

Last week, Valiant Entertainment released a teaser image for a new "Deathmate" coming this summer. Given the history of the original "Deathmate" -- a 1993-1994 crossover between Image Comics and Valiant's original incarnation, known as a prototypical examples of the '90s excess and the speculator boom -- it got some attention.

Valiant has made the details of this new Deathmate official, and continuing the company's tradition of reusing old trademarks for new purposes -- like they did a couple years back with "Unity" -- it's not what you may have expected. Deathmate is a new character, set to debut in the upcoming "Bloodshot Island" arc of "Bloodshot Reborn," from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mico Suayan.

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The arc, set to start in June with "Bloodshot Reborn" #14, introduces the new Deathmate as a "secretive killing machine" hunting Bloodshots from different eras, including the current one, on a mysterious island. CBR has the exclusive first look at Suayan's character design for Deathmate, and a five-page sequence from "Bloodshot Reborn" #14.

"'Deathmate' isn't an event or a crossover -- she's much, much more," Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons is quoted in Valiant's press release. "This is an all-new character, created by Jeff Lemire for 'Bloodshot Island' and brought to life with a brilliant design by Jeff, Mico Suayan, and David Baron. The secret of her creation and purpose is a central mystery to Bloodshot Island -- and, in the very first issue alone, she cements herself as Valiant's newest A-level threat. Moreso than anything that's come before, Bloodshot Island is Jeff and Mico firing on all cylinders for what is sure to be Bloodshot Reborn's biggest, most action-packed storyline to date. But it's not just bullets and Bloodshots... By the time the smoke clears, the mythology behind one of Valiant's most popular and enduring heroes -- and his importance to the broader Valiant Universe -- will be forever changed by the revelations that lurk within the jungle of 'Bloodshot Island.'"

"Bloodshot Island" also marks the return of Suayan to "Bloodshot Reborn," after illustrating the book's first arc last year. June's "Bloodshot Reborn" #14 will have covers by Tomas Giorello, Ben Oliver, Kano and Stephen Segovia.

Deathmate and "Bloodshot Island" are both set to be discussed this weekend at C2E2, at Saturday's "Valiant: 4001 A.D. and Beyond" panel.

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