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Deathlok predicts the future in Wolverine & The X-Men Twitter class

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Deathlok predicts the future in <i>Wolverine & The X-Men</i> Twitter class

In a novel use of Twitter, Marvel live-tweeted a class from the curriculum of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, straight from the pages of Wolverine & The X-Men. Taking part in the class were Headmistress Kitty Pryde, students Genesis, Kid Gladiator, Quentin Quire, Idie Okonkwo, Broo, Rockslide and Anole, and guest lecturer Deathlok.

Warning: Potential spoilers follow.

While much of the class consisted of banter from the students insulting each other and gossiping about campus events, there were a few pieces of information gleaned from the guest lecture in “Future History 101.” After the lecture officially began, Quentin Quire and Rockslide engaged in a debate as to what was different about Headmistress Pryde.

If their tweets are to be believed, Kitty is the character who’s pregnant.

If that weren’t enough, Deathlok used his lecture time to activate his tachyon probability generators and “calculate exact statistical forecasts for all possible future timelines” for each student in the classroom. He began with Idie, who may become the leader of the X-Men or die in the next six weeks at the hands of the new Hellfire Club. Quentin Quire has high probabilities both for being expelled or burning the entire school to the ground. Kid Gladiator has a 45.4 percent chance of fighting valiantly alongside the Avengers, but a 46.8 percent chance of one day fighting against them. The Broodling known as Broo may discover a cure for cancer in the next three years, but during that same amount of time may also murder and consume at least four other students — oh, and the guest lecturer could also tell you which four.

When Deathlok got to Genesis, the next Apocalypse from the pages of Uncanny X-Force, something happened when the cyborg attempted to calculate possible futures. His output was intriguing:

“Fire in the sky… burning… this unit… disabled… dying… X-Men… bleeding…”

“Conclusion: That child will kill us all.”

None of these probabilities was mutually exclusive, and each seemed a likely tease for each character’s future. It’s a shame the “lecture” ended before Deathlok got to the futures of the other students.

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