Deathlok hits the Silver Screen

[Deathlok]Marvel Comics continues its aggressive movement in Hollywood scoring another development pact for one of their many properties.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Paramount Pictures and Avi Arad's Marvel Studios have teamed-up for the first time to produce a movie based on the Marvel Comic character Deathlok. Deathlok is described by The Hollywood Reporter as "a suburban family man who is unwittingly made a test subject for technology research that slowly turns him into a living computer."

"We are all becoming more dependent on technology," Arad told The Hollywood Reporter. "One of these days it's going to be inside of us. For example, we won't need a cell phone; it'll be built into our ear. Now is that a cool thing, or will it destroy us as human beings? 'Deathlok' explores what those consequences may be."

Marvel and Crystal Sky Productions will produce the movie. Crystal Sky has a co-production and co-financing deal with Paramount. Stu Zickerman and Raven Mentzner will write the script.

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