Deathbolt To Menace The Flash Following "Arrow" Debut

It looks like Doug Jones will be pulling double duty as the DC villain Deathbolt. Following an appearance on "Arrow," the "Hellboy" and "Falling Skies" actor revealed via Twitter that Deathbolt will travel from Starling City to Central City for an appearance in "The Flash."

What could my "Deathbolt" villain from @CW_Arrow (# 319 "Broken Arrow") be doing on @CW_TheFlash (# 122 "Rogue Air") pic.twitter.com/UVs0R8djTi

- Doug Jones (@actordougjones) March 21, 2015

Following an appearance in April 15's "Broken Arrow" episode of the archer's series, Superhero Hype has reported that the villain will appear on the April 21 episode of "Flash," titled "Rogue Air."

Originally introduced in the comics as possessing the ability to manipulate and weaponize plasma energy, the CW version of the character will instead be a metahuman with the ability to manipulate electricity. The character will be the first metahuman villain to debut on the relatively grounded "Arrow" and travel to "Flash"; new metahumans have been a weekly occurrence on the speedster's series.

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