Death to the Tsar Graphic Novel Trailer Released

The creators of The Death of Stalin are back with another depressing-but-riveting tale from the annals of Russian history. Fabien Nury and Theirry Robin’s Death to the Tsar just got its first trailer today, one month out from the release of the graphic novel. The book is a publication of Titan Comics and promises to follow the footsteps of Governor Sergei Alexandrovitch, a much-maligned figure in Russian history.

The trailer establishes the book’s plot and teases Theirry Robin’s grim artwork that will accompany the true story of poverty, murder and political dissent. Governor Sergei Alexandrovitch was a real figure whose aid was sought by the people he was sworn to protect. Instead, his soldiers fired on civilians, making him one of the most hated men in Russia.


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Fabien Nury and Theirry Robin’s prior work, The Death of Stalin, was turned into a political satire film last year by Armando Iannucci. The film traced the power struggles and eventual demise of the dictator Joseph Stalin. The film is slated to release in the United States on March 9, while it has been completely banned in Russia.

Death to the Tsar will be available for purchase online and in local comic book shops on Feb. 20.

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