Death Of The Speed Force: 10 Speedsters Who Should Appear In DC's Event

It is safe to say that since the Rebirth era kicked off, one hero, in particular, has been more ingrained into the DC Universe than anyone else, and that is The Flash. Barry Allen was the first to discover the timeline had been tampered with by outside forces and helped the original Wally West return to the DC Universe.

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After many battles and hardships - along with multiple timelines worth of memories - Barry is about to face his toughest battle yet: "Death of the Speed Force." Here are ten speedsters who should appear in the story.

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Meena Dhawan
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10 Fast Track

Meena Dhawan

One of the first speedsters we have to mention has to be Fast Track, aka Meena Dhawan. Introduced early into the Rebirth era of The Flash comics, Meena was the scientist put in charge of S.T.A.R. Labs' Speedster Research Facility after the Speed Storm that hit Central City, creating several new speedsters in the process.

Dhawan was also affected, not only becoming a speedster but gaining the ability to sense others like her. She was thought to have been a victim of the new speedster villain Godspeed, but returned later as the Negative Flash, taking a dark turn herself.

9 Turbine

A character that hasn’t been seen in a long time, Turbine (a.k.a Roscoe Hynes) served as a Tuskegee Airman during WWII but disappeared in a prototype plane. Ultimately, Hynes was discovered by the Flash inside of the Speed Force.

After being trapped in the Speed Force for over seventy years, Turbine helps the Rogues defend Central City from Gorilla Grodd and his forces during the Gorilla Warfare storyline. He hasn’t been heard from much since that arc, but considering his powers come from the Speed Force, Turbine should appear in DC's current event.

8 Future Flash (John Fox)

One of the more prominent features of the Speed Force is its connection to time. Entering the Speed Force has often allowed speedsters to travel to the past or future. One speedster who knows a lot about time traveling is John Fox, also fittingly known as Future Flash.

Originally a historian from the 27th century, John Fox was sent back in time to find three speedsters to help stop a metahuman who had destroyed his century’s Central City. The mission failed, but Fox ended up acquiring super speed thanks to the tachyon radiation that fueled the time-traveling procedure.

7 Max Mercury

When it comes to the possible death of the Speed Force, there is no legendary speedster that should be more involved than Max Mercury. Born in the 19th century, Max Mercury has helped train speedsters throughout the centuries. He even trained Impulse!

Mercury has joined teams like the Flash Family and Freedom Fighters in major battles throughout history. He’s even shared the name of another speedster from the Marvel Universe, Quicksilver. If the Speed Force is dying and needs the help of any speedster, its Max Mercury.

6 Savitar

One villainous speedster that hasn’t been seen in quite some time is Savitar. Many casual fans know Savitar as a future copy of Barry Allen who became disillusioned with Team Flash and built a special suit of armor granting him untold power over the Speed Force.

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In the comics, he was a Cold War pilot who was struck by lightning while in an experimental plane, granting him access to the Speed Force. Savitar gained so much power that he inspired and led a cult in his honor, but his last significant appearance was in 2009’s Flash: Rebirth #1.

5 Avery Ho

A new speedster confirmed to be in "Death of the Speed Force" is Avery Ho. An average girl who was caught in the middle of the Speed Force storm that hit Central City during the initial Rebirth era, Avery was one of the few to survive Godspeed’s attacks. Gaining control of her speedster abilities, she left Central City and joined the Justice League of China.

Avery regularly has adventures with the current Kid Flash Wallace West. She has also fought alongside Super-Man, as well as the Green Lantern Corps and various other heroes.

4 Wally “Wallace” West

One of the most logical choices of speedsters to appear in "Death of the Speed Force" storyline has to be Wally “Wallace” West, primarily known as Kid Flash. The nephew of Iris West and protege of Barry Allen’s The Flash, Wallace harnessed his abilities during the Speed Force storm.

He and Barry have had a lot of ups and downs during the Rebirth era, with mistrust brewing between the two speedsters. Wallace has also struggled with the loss of his uncle, who not only becomes the Reverse-Flash but is eventually revealed to be Wallace's father.

3 Godspeed

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One of the more prominent new figures in The Flash's Rebirth era has to be August Heart, a.k.a Godspeed. A former police detective turned villain, he and Barry worked together at CCPD and were great friends. August lost his brother in a brutal crime and Barry was never able to process the evidence due to the lightning strike that turned him into the Flash.

During the Speed Force storm, August received his speedster powers and discovered he could absorb the Speed Force from others, unfortunately ending their lives in the process. Seeking revenge for his brother, he became the villain Godspeed.

2 Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne Reverse-Flash

Here is one character who refuses to go away, no matter how many times he seems to die. As Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne is considered one of the most ruthless villains in the DC Multiverse and Barry Allen’s arch-nemesis. Eobard was the man responsible for ending the life of Barry’s mother and framing his father for the crime.

A man from the future who grew to hate the Flash, Eobard spend his life trying to destroy Barry. Despite seemingly passing away after confronting the mysterious being behind the Rebirth era, Thawne did eventually make a comeback.

1 Wally West (Pre-Rebirth)

One of the more tragic characters in recent years and a prominent speedster, Wally West was lost inside the Speed Force due to the outside influence of the mysterious entity who created the current timeline. Ultimately, Barry managed to save Wally and bring him into the real world.

However, the trauma of losing his wife and children from the previous timeline forced Wally to seek help from a trauma center for heroes. During the Heroes In Crisis storyline, the grief-stricken speedster accidentally ended the lives of several patients.

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