Death Sentence: London, Vol. 2 TPB


• The smash-hit sex-and-superpowers epic returns, with a brand-new artist and an all-new ongoing series!

• GREAT NEW JUMPING-ON POINT: Titan's biggest creator-owned smash is back!

• Picks up right where the bestselling graphic novel left off - with London in ruins, psychic manipulator Monty ripped in half by failed musician Weasel - and rabbit-hatted invisible artist Verity missing, presumed dead!

• As England pulls itself back from the brink, new G-positive powers are popping up all over!

• As martial law and forced abstinence prey on the mind of the London Mayor, the American alphabet agencies are watching the London war-zone with interest - and special agent Jeb Mulgrew might be next to be thrown into the fire!

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