Death Sentence #2

Story by
Art by
Mike Dowling
Cover by
Titan Magazines

The clock is ticking - and three powerful lives are running out!

Given incredible superpowers - and six months to live - by the

sexually-transmitted G+ Virus, three Londoners kick back against the

spectre of death with everything they've got.

Washed-up indie guitarist Weasel tries to make amends for a life

that's totally f*****d - but changing the direction of a lifetime can

be murder! Comedian and media personality Monty tests the limits of

his new powers of persuasion, with horrifying results... and, after

her explosive activation, Verity is on the run from the government -

but can her nascent abilities keep her one step ahead of a crack team

of GCHQ operatives?

Don't miss the chance to get on board this critical smash-hit right

now - it's the future of superpowered storytelling!

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