"Death of Wolverine" #4 Moves to Mid-October, Gets Greg Land Variant

Official word came Tuesday courtesy of Diamond that "Death of Wolverine" #4, which already moved a couple weeks from its originally planned release date, has shifted a week from Oct. 8 to Oct. 15. To help ease the wait, Marvel has released a new variant cover from the issue, featuring incoming "Spider-Woman" artist Greg Land illustrating multiple different eras of the always popular/currently marked for death character: His iconic yellow and blue costume, his original outfit as seen in 1974's "Incredible Hulk" #181, the brown and orange '80s look, Weapon X test subject and plain-clothes (yet still formidable) civilian Logan.

The first two issues of "Death of Wolverine," written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Steve McNiven, were released earlier this month. "Death of Wolverine" #3 is currently scheduled to go on sale on Oct. 1, with issue #4 -- the conclusion of the miniseries billed as containing the titular death of the healing factor-less Wolverine -- slated for release two weeks later. The series was originally announced to ship weekly in September.

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