Death Of Inhumans: Don't Worry [SPOILER] Probably Isn't Dead

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Death of The Inhumans #2 by Donny Cates, Ariel Olivetti, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

It's safe to say Marvel’s experiment to make the Inhumans a top-tier franchise didn’t go the way the publisher intended. Thus, after a couple of attempts to get the characters to a level on par with the Avengers or the X-Men, it’s decided to instead very dramatically kill them all off.

Yep, Death of The Inhumans is as literal a title as you can get from a comic book. The first issue is indeed a bit of a bloodbath with the new Kree-engineered villain Vox cutting a path of death and destruction through the Terrigen-powered space gods.

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If you’ve already read Death of The Inhumans #1, you’ll know that it isn’t messing around and along with so lower-tier deaths. The issue takes out a couple members of the Inhuman royal family, including possibly the most beloved character in the entire franchise. But if you’re feeling down about it, don’t worry too much; a closer look at the pages with Death of the Inhumans’ big demise suggests that perhaps that character isn’t as dead as we may be led to believe and instead, it’s more of a fake-out for shock value. That said, "a fake-out for shock value" comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, and even if the characters believed to be dead aren’t, fans may not be too pleased to have been misled in such a way.

Fake Out

While there are several on panel deaths of NuHumans such as Sterilon, Flagman and Naja, Death of The Inhumans also takes out several members of the royal family. Along with the death of Triton, who dies shortly after discovering a hidden bomb in the corpse of a Universe Inhuman queen, there’s a more personal touch to some of the “deaths” on hand in this issue.

If you take Death of the Inhumans #1 at face value, it seems that the new Kree-engineered character Vox is responsible for the deaths of Maximus The Mad and the Inhumans’ loyal dog Lockjaw. With the Inhuman royal family trapped at the edge of the galaxy, only Lockjaw can make the jump back the Inhumans’ new home on the moon New Arctilan, and though he attempts to save Black Bolt’s brother, the pair of them are seemingly obliterated by Vox’s sonic scream which seems to rival even that of The Midnight King, with Lockjaw attempting to jump in front of Maximus and save him from Vox’s attack.

However, pay closer to attention to the issue, because the clues indicate Maximus and Lockjaw aren’t dead at all. The first big clue is that Vox doesn’t just have Black Bolt’s powers, he has the powers of the entire Inhuman royal family. The second clue is the energy pattern surrounding Lockjaw when he teleports; compare it the energy pattern that envelopes Lockjaw and Maximus as they’re “obliterated,” and they look identical, aside from a change in color. It seems a lot more likely that Vox has Lockjaw’s powers among his collection of abilities and rather than shout them to death, he’s teleported them away for some unknown purpose.

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