Marvel's 'Death of Daredevil' Arc to Mark Charles Soule's Farewell

Daredevil scribe Charles Soule's long stint writing on the book is coming to a close in what promises to be one of the character's darkest stories yet, as the Man Without Fear risks it all to take the fight to New York's Kingpin of Crime one more time. "The Death of Daredevil," Soule's final arc, will begin in October with the release of Daredevil #609 and conclude with issue #612.

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"A lot of writers in the past have left Daredevil in terrible situations at the end of their runs," Soule explained in a video from Marvel. "Brian Michael Bendis put him in prison for Ed Brubaker to handle. Mark Waid, who preceded me, had Daredevil in San Francisco, his secret identity was blown, he wasn't a lawyer anymore. I had to handle all of that."

"So, I wanted to carry on in the grand tradition of leaving Daredevil in the worst spot imaginable, letting the next writer somehow deal with this impossible problem that Matt will never get out of," he continued. "And I wanted to make mine the biggest one that has ever been done, which is why I'm calling my last arc on Daredevil 'Death of Daredevil.'"

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Soule has been writing Marvel's mainline Daredevil series ever since the book was relaunched in December of 2015, adding the character Blindspot to the Marvel mythos in the process. Additionally, he also penned the limited series Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle.

"The Death of Daredevil" kicks off on Oct. 17 with Daredevil #609.


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