Death Note: 10 Anime Characters That Are Crazier Than Light Yagami

The premise of a "Death Note" is relatively simple: you write someone's name in the book and they die. As morbid as that may be on its own, Death Note is a prime example of what can happen if such a dangerous weapon were to fall into the wrong hands. In this case, those hands happen to belong to Light Yagami, one of the most insane characters in anime.

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Light lets his newfound power get to his head almost immediately, taking it upon himself to become a "god" that decides who lives and who dies. With this harrowing mindset, Death Note's protagonist joins the ranks of anime characters that could use a visit to a psychiatrist, but he's certainly not the worst. Here are 10 anime characters that are actually crazier than Light Yagami.

10 Hange Zoë - Attack On Titan

Hange Zoë is by no means a villain; she joined the Survey Corps to assist in the fight against titans and to save humanity. Her curious nature pairs well with her intelligence, often crafting new weapons and devising strategies against the monsters. However, she's considered the daredevil of the group since her appetite for information overpowers nearly every other emotion.

Like most geniuses, Hange isn't exactly stable. She boasts a deranged side made blatant while joking around with Djel Sannes while he was being tortured by her and Captain Levi. Her obsession with titans is borderline unhealthy; she captures them, names them, and keeps them as pets of sorts while conducting experiments. She even laughs maniacally in her test subjects' faces when they attempt to eat her. Hange is that special kind of crazy that makes you think, "Wow, we're really lucky she's one of the good guys."

9 Hidan - Naruto: Shippūden

Hidan's type of "crazy" involved a fervent obsession with religion and we all know that there's no coming back from that madness. After joining a faith known as Jashin — which is the name of the religion itself and the deity that they worship — Hidan is granted immortality. Despite being a zealot, he was incredibly ill-mannered and obscene.

Hidan thoroughly enjoyed the act of killing and making his victims' deaths as agonizing as possible. He was a spiteful character who often exhibited signs of pure insanity. Hidan claimed that the worship of Jidan required complete death and destruction. After all, the most frustrating kind of crazy is the one "justified" by a questionable religion.

8 Midari Ikishima - Kakegurui

Most of the characters in Kakegurui are off their rockers, but Midari Ikishima is a special case. She's a frantic gambler with masochistic tendencies that her fellow classmates unwillingly get wrapped up in. She sadistically formulates games that involve mutilation and death so it's no surprise that she's not a class favorite.

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Midari's character design is also indicative of her mental state. She voluntarily cut one of her eyes out to pay off a debt, and she wasn't upset about it. Then again, what more would you expect from a character that plays Russian Roulette in a bathroom stall just for the sake of the thrill?

7 Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa

As an air-headed fashionista, Junko comes off as a disarmingly normal student. However, chronic boredom triggers a change in personality that leans more towards the sadistic side. She revels in the concept of anguish and despair, which she then inflicts on those around her.

Junko is manipulative, mentally and physically abusive, and completely depraved. She's fully aware of the consequences of her behavior, but this only exhilarates her — despair is the only cure for her boredom. On top of being completely insane, she also has alarmingly keen senses that keep her two steps ahead of everyone else. Naturally, this blend of characteristics makes for quite the deadly schoolgirl.

6 Sonozaki Shion - Higurashi no Naku Koro

Shion's madness comes courtesy of a massive mental breakdown that stems from Hinamizawa Syndrome. This psychiatric ailment involves paranoia and anxiety that leads to troubling emotions and violent acts. An event involving her crush triggers a fit of rage and jealousy and she eventually ends up torturing almost every protagonist.

Shion is responsible for some of the series' most shockingly violent displays. For example, there's a scene that ends with Sonozaki hammering a nail into a character's hand. She also tied a character to a cross, stabbed her repeatedly, then urinated herself when she realized what she'd done. As excessive as it may seem, you can't expect any less from someone who shamelessly killed her own family members.

5 Teru Mikami - Death Note

Light Yagami might have been a crazy narcissist, but it takes someone even crazier to genuinely admire his actions and voluntarily become his apprentice. Mikami was delusional beyond repair and the Shinigami Eye Deal only made him more of a threat to society. He blindly followed Light's orders and sometimes acted on his own accord if an opportunity presented itself.

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Mikami was similar to Hidan in that he killed people for the sake of his "god". The only difference is that the Death Note character was problematically worshipping another human being — one that only used him for his own benefit.

4 Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker might just be the most widely despised guest appearance in an anime ever. This Sewing-Life Alchemist was introduced as someone who might have useful information tucked somewhere within his research that would help the Elric brothers restore their bodies. What actually happens is far more disturbing.

Ed and Al form an endearing friendship with Tucker's daughter Nina and their dog Alexander. Later on, Tucker announces that he was able to create another chimera that speaks after having first done it successfully two years prior. As it turns out, this "chimera" had been created by fusing his daughter and his dog into a disturbing creature, which is also what he did to his wife to create his first talking chimera. The actions of this madman still elicit tears of anger and sadness from even the most stoic anime fans.

3 Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter

There are a lot of violently insane characters in anime, but none are quite as bizarre as Hisoka, the thrill-seeking jester that gets off on fighting those he deems "worthy". This Hunter x Hunter antagonist has a ridiculous thirst for blood that he exhibits in an uncomfortably erotic fashion. He refuses to kill Gon, the main protagonist, in hopes that he'll one day grow "ripe" enough to kill. Talk about creepy.

While Hisoka's obsession with spilling blood is unsettling, he has every reason to be arrogant about his talents. The magician is arguably the most powerful character in the HxH anime — aside from Meruem, of course — and even when he was defeated in the manga, he STILL found a way to resurrect himself. Hisoka is easily the most psychotic clown around and he makes Pennywise look like a children's party accessory.

2 Ladd Russo - Baccano!

Ladd Russo could only be described as anime's response to DC's Joker. Like Hisoka, Russo possesses an insatiable lust for blood. However, he doesn't necessarily get off on taking on people his own size; Russo just kills because it entertains him. Like his comic book counterpart, he has no purpose for taking lives aside from creating utter chaos.

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Despite his troubling persona, Ladd manages to snag himself a fiancée named Lua Klein. Their dynamic is interesting, to say the least. The pair came to the agreement that Klein cannot die until Russo has killed "everyone else in the world". Thenhe will kill his lover with his own two hands. And we thought Harley Quinn had it bad.

1 Yuno Gasai - Future Diary

Yuno Gasai is an adorably picture-perfect anime character. There can't be anything too terrifying about a young girl with pink hair and matching eyes, right? Her disarming appearance is just the tip of the iceberg and it's what makes her insanity so daunting. Beneath that charm lies a character that can only be described as a possessive, shockingly violent stalker with an affinity for axes.

Yuno's infatuation with Yuki escalated into a horrifyingly toxic relationship. She kills anyone or anything that she perceives as a "threat" to Yuki and absolutely loses her mind if another female character addresses him. Her emotions go beyond jealousy and transcend into a level of insanity that even her "other half" is afraid of.

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