"Death Comes To Dillinger" Goes To Silent Devil

Official Press Release

width="127" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0">Come March, Silent Devil will be delivering one of the best books of 2006, "Death Comes to Dillinger."

In the Old West, Death is a gunslinger, a drifter, wearing a hat and long coat over his traditional skull and bones. When he rides into town, it means somebody is going to die. His next stop is Dillinger.

"This book can't miss." says Silent Devil President Christian Beranek. "I was blown away from the first time I saw the pages. It's beautiful. Panels and pages are like portraits. This book is a huge find."

"Death comes to Dillinger" is pencilled by the unbelievable English artist se7enhedd and masterfully colored over by French artist JM Ringuet, both of who are going to explode when people get wind of what they can do.

It's written by television and comic writer James Patrick, creator of the critically acclaimed Crackurz, and Comixtreme's best humor book of 2004, Lionxor.

"After receiving much interest from other publishers, I'm so happy we finally decided on Silent Devil" said Patrick "They have such quality books like Dracula vs. King Arthur and Runes of Ragnan . Not to mention the talent they have lined-up with Jim Krueger, Chris Moreno, Josh Medors – the list goes on."

"Death Comes To Dillinger" will be a 32-page, full-color, two-issue mini series that will be in January Previews and ship in March.
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