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Dear Mark Waid RE: Brave, Bold Back Issues

by  in Comic News Comment
Dear Mark Waid RE: Brave, Bold Back Issues

inspired by the other great Mark in comics, I picked up a bunch of your Brave and the Bold run recently. Here are some thoughts.

I read #2 first, because Joe Rice freaked out over all the flirting between Supergirl and Hal Jordan that one time 2 years ago (no links!). That seems pretty dumb in retrospect. I think it’s all really Chris Hanson’s fault. I mean, yes, Hal did lay it on a little thick, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been or really that bad at all. Although Supergirl’s decoy outfit? That kind of was. Maybe someone should talk to George about that some day. All that said, I find Hal tolerable when you write him, so thanks for that!

The issue where Batman and Jay Garrick fight the Penguin and T.O. Morrow’s Samurai Assassain Bots? That was pretty awesome. How do you plot a story like that? Do you work really hard, or do you just fill in a mad lib and awesome team up stories come out?

Also, why have you not written more Batman? I like your Batman.

Speaking of which, Batman giving that condescending prick Braniac 5 an MMA elbow and stealing his flight ring in issue #5 is one of my biggest “Fuck yeah!” moments in comics in years. I kept thinking “Surely, Batman will give that condescending prick Braniac 5 an MMA elbow for his insolence at some point and steal his flight ring.” And then he did!

On the other hand, did you know there were pages in this comic where Batman was not kicking the crap out of future teens? How did that happen? Did you write those pages with other characters and exposition**, or did someone else insert them later, or what? How did that happen?

I would seriously read an ongoing where Batman beats up random groups of teenagers. You would start with superhero teams (remember when Gen13 was popular? They deserve to be kicked for that still, even though I have affection for them) and then move on to boy bands and end with just random shiftless teens, and then do it all over again. That shit would be on my pull list for life. Just throwing that out there.

I have a bag full of these things more to read, including one where Green Arrow and Deadman have the greatest team up of the ’60s in 2008. I’m looking forward to that more than I should.

*I wonder how Sims felt about that panel, giving his conflicting loves of the Legion, Batman, and face kicks. Somehow, it’s never come up the two times he’s talked to me.

**Now that I’ve finally accepted Tales Designed To Thrizzle in my life, I can not read exposition in superhero comics without remembering that strip with the two superheroes where one goes “tell us some exposition” to the other and she does. That was funny.

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