Dear Diary, a 'Heathers' Anthology Series is on the Way From TV Land

TV Land is developing an anthology series based on "Heathers," the 1988 cult film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

The original was a dark comedy about a student named Veronica (Ryder) who teams with rebellious outsider J.D. (Slater) to take down the Heathers, a trio of girls who rule the high school through cruelty.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TV Land's update will feature a new set of Heathers, only in this version the outcasts have become high-school royalty: Heather McNamara is now a black lesbian; Heather Duke is a male named Heath who identifies as gender-queer; and Heather Chandler has a body like Martha Dumptruck.

The website contends that, like FX's "Fargo," TV Land's "Heathers" could feature a new setting and new character each season.

The project hails from Lakeshore Entertainment, which was behind the planned "Heathers" sequel that was in the works at Fox before moving in 2012 to Bravo (it never got off the ground there, either).

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