<i>Dear Creature</i>: The beach-side play

I've been waiting for Jonathan Case's Dear Creature, about “an atomic sea mutant in the ’60s whose poet soul is at odds with his tendency to eat people," since April. It's only a couple of weeks away now, but Case has found a new way to torture fans: by showing pictures from the play we'll never get to see that inspired his sea-monster love story.

Case not only wrote Sea Freak, he starred in it. He describes the experience of sewing his costume onto his own body to make sure it fit, then needing the director to sew the last few scales into place on his butt. The best part for me is that he had to make the costume waterproof. He doesn't say in the post, but since the play was performed on the beach, I imagine his entrance had to do with rising from the waves and shambling to shore. At least, I hope it did.

Check out Case's blog for more photos from the production. Dear Creature hits stores on Oct. 11.

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